Commercial Filming Policy

It is the policy of Children's Hospital Los Angeles to restrict use of its campus and facilities for commercial film production; that is, to restrict the use of the campus and facilities for still photography, motion pictures, television filming or videos made, produced, or to be used by organizations other than Children's Hospital Los Angeles. 

A member of the marketing communications team will have the responsibility to authorize and supervise any commercial film production; requests should be submitted in writing no later than 10 days prior to the anticipated start date to:

Janet Dotson
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
4650 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Fax: (323) 361-5979


Security will be assigned to the parking area designated for use by the film production company. The production company will be charged two times the hourly rate for all necessary personnel. Security will be assigned to accompany the production company personnel at all times. The company will be charged two times the hourly rate for all necessary personnel.


The Office of Communications will consult with security to arrange for parking of all necessary vehicles and equipment. A fee, to be negotiated in advance, will be charged for parking on hospital property.

Safety and Permits

Consultation with the Director of Facility Operations, or his designee, will be required to determine what safety precautions, including alteration or protection of power sources, will be necessary before and during filming. Hospital electricians, as are necessary, will be charged at two times the hourly rate.

All applicable permits must be obtained from the City of Los Angeles by the production company. The cost of any and all personnel required by the City of Los Angeles must be paid directly to the City of Los Angeles.

Access to Facilities, Personnel and Patients 

Written advance approval must be secured from department heads of facilities that will be impacted during filming projects.

Written advance approval and signed consent forms must be obtained for any patients or visitors filmed by the production company.

The production company must provide the Office of Communications with an advance list of areas to which access is sought and provide a detailed schedule for proposed use of these areas, including dates and times; and provide names of all personnel to be present in these areas. Film production personnel will be denied access to any areas of the hospital unless approved by the Vice President for Communications who, with or without cause, can deny approval of any changes to the production schedule.

Definition: A "day" is defined as any portion of any 24-hour period, from midnight to midnight, when production company personnel, equipment or vehicles are on hospital property.

A fee payable to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, is to be paid in advance for the first, second and subsequent days of filming, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. Please contact us for more details.

All expenses for personnel and other costs, including utilities, telephones, etc., whether listed herein or not, are to be paid to Children's Hospital Los Angeles no later than 10 days following the receipt of an invoice from Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


An agreed-upon credit between the hospital and the production company will appear for no less than two seconds at the end of the film. 

All scripts must be submitted in advance and approved by the Vice President for Communications and the hospital’s legal counsel who will prepare and have on file an agreed-upon, signed contract citing the provisions in this policy no later than five days prior to the beginning of filming.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles must be named a co-insured on the production company's liability insurance for an amount not less than $5 million per occurrence and $5 million annual aggregate. A copy of this liability insurance policy must be on file with the hospital’s legal counsel no later than five days prior to the beginning of filming.

The production company will agree, in writing, to indemnify Children's Hospital Los Angeles against any injury claim personnel working for the production company in connection with its activities at the hospital.