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L.A. Street Smarts

The L.A. Street Smarts Program uses a creative, interactive experience to help children learn about pedestrian safety while still in elementary school. 

By walking through L.A. Street Smarts: Richie's Neighborhood, a replica of a small neighborhood, children learn how to:

  • Cross intersections at stoplights
  • Avoid rescuing balls thrown into the street
  • Signal drivers who are backing up
  • Safely walk around motor vehicles

All children who complete their experience in the learning environment are provided with injury prevention materials to take home to reinforce the safety concepts and lessons covered during this interactive educational experience.

About Richie's Neighborhood

Richie's Neighborhood was designed as an interactive tool that would result in a decrease in the incidence of child pedestrian trauma and includes:

  • Life-size intersections with flashing traffic signals
  • Stationary and mobile cars backing out of driveways
  • Bilingual lessons
  • Injury prevention videogame console

More about Richie's Neighborhood  

Dedicated to Richie's Memory

L.A. Safety Streets is dedicated to the memory of Richie Alarcón. In 1987, California State Senator Richard Alarcón's three-year-old son, Richie, was killed in a car accident in North Hollywood. In his honor, California Senate Bill 1773 was created and passed to generate funds for emergency medical services and trauma care for children.

Our Trauma program and the L.A. Street Smarts Program were recognized by the City Council on October 16, 2009 for preventing childhood injuries in Los Angeles. 

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