Benefits of Robotic Surgery

For Your Child

If your child has been diagnosed with a condition that may require surgery to correct, minimally invasive surgery may represent an alternative worthy of your consideration. The health benefits of using robotic-assisted laparascopic surgery include:

  • Minimally invasive techniques that yield smaller incisions, smaller scars and an improved cosmetic appearance after surgery

  • Faster recovery time, meaning that your child can spend less time in the hospital and require less pain medication during recovery

  • A safer procedure with reduced blood loss from smaller incisions, which reduces the incidence of healing tissues being torn as your child returns to normal activity levels

Open Surgery Scar
(completely healed)

Robotic Surgery Scars
(not yet healed)

For the Surgeon

Immersive High-Definition 3-D Visualization

The surgical system console immerses the surgeon in a 3-D visual display. Each robotic arm has a tiny camera attached. The cameras provide video feedback magnification at 10 times the normal sight to the surgeon. This level of magnification can significantly enhance the surgeon's ability to perform surgery safely on very young patients with tiny organs and tissues.

Surgeon's Console

Surgeon's Visual Area

Fully Articulating Instruments

In open surgery, organs and tissues are often temporarily moved to allow for the surgeon's hands to access the affected area. The instruments of our surgical system, with their tiny size and full range of motion, are able to be positioned at the precise surgical angles needed so as to only minimally disturb a child's delicate tissues and organs.

Surgeon's Range of Hand Motion

"Endowrist" Range of Motion

Intuitive Computer-Enhanced Motion Control

The computerized controls of the surgical console are intuitive and easy to learn. Previous surgical systems designed to assist with laparascopic surgery reversed the direction of the surgeon's motion in the visual display, making the learning process counterintuitive. 

Our surgical system replicates each movement that the surgeon makes at the surgical console at the bedside of the patient. The movements made by the robot, at the command of the surgeon, are ultra-precise, allowing the surgeon to make refined movements to enhance the minimally invasive surgical procedure and allow the surgeon to close the finest of incisions and the tiniest of sutures.


* Images courtesy of Intuitive Surgical.