Behavioral Health

The Division of Adolescent Medicine's Behavioral Health Program provides clinical services and behavioral/psychoeducational assessments. Clinicians specializing in adolescent mental health provide individual, family, collateral and group counseling, crisis intervention and case management support. Clinical areas of focus include depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders, disordered eating, child abuse and neglect, exposure to violence, family issues and conflicts, school failure, drug abuse and co-occurring disorders, gender-identity issues, and others.

Service Locations

Services are provided through our:

  • Teenage and Young Adult Health Center
  • Main hospital campus
  • Community outreach programs

Therapeutic services focus on positive youth development, using creative and personalized treatment in a youth-friendly environment. Activities are aimed at enhancing youth-parent relationships and supporting healthy families. The Division incorporates evidence-based models and promising practices in treatment and has developed specialized services for youth who are unlikely to seek help from more traditional mental health services, including members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities, youth who have were involved in the dependency and/or juvenile justice system, and youth at risk of gang involvement or in gangs.

Services are provided through Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health funding for adolescents and young adults who have Medi-Cal.


As part of Children's Hospital Los Angeles American Psychological Association (APA) accredited psychology training program, the Behavioral Health Services trains doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows specializing in adolescent health.