Erdreich-Epstein Laboratory

Research Topics

  • Brain tumor biology
  • Children with medulloblastoma
  • Molecular Mechanism of PID1

Research Overview

The research laboratory of Anat Erdreich-Epstein, MD, PhD, is interested in the biology and therapy of brain tumors.

Our lab recently identified that mRNA of PID1, discovered only in 2006 and never before linked to cancer, is highly correlated with outcome of children with medulloblastoma and adults with gliomas. We further found that PID1 exerts growth-inhibitory effects on brain tumor cell lines from three different types of brain tumors: gliomas, medulloblastomas and atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors (ATRT). We are currently working to understand the molecular mechanism by which PID1 functions in cancer and in brain tumors, in order to utilize this knowledge in development of novel therapies.

Dr. Erdreich-Epstein is a physician-scientist and pediatric oncologist with a major laboratory research commitment. She seeks to understand the biology of brain tumors in order to create new and better treatments against them. Her laboratory work is supported by generous donations and by grant support from the National Institutes of Health.