Kids with Neurogenetic and Developmental Disabilities (KiNDD) Lab

Our research concentrates on behavioral and brain-based assessments of infants and children with neurogenetic and neurodevelopmental disorders, focusing on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and intellectual disability.

Our lab’s mission is to diagnose, evaluate and treat children with various intellectual disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders. In our work, we aim to identify different subgroups of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, to better understand how atypical development occurs, and to develop and implement targeted interventions personalized to the individual child.

​We also study several genetic syndromes including tuberous sclerosis complex, Dup15q syndrome, and Angelman syndrome, as children with these disorders are at high risk for developing autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


We are currently enrolling participants in the following clinical studies at our lab at CHLA:

Developmental Disabilities:

Neurogenetic Disorders

We welcome community participation in our studies. If you are interested in participating in a study or collaborating with us, please email: