myCHLA Physician Portal

Enhancements to Referrals in myCHLA Coming July 20, 2021

Beginning July 20, you will see a few enhancements to how you refer patients to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. These new features will provide more transparency into the status of referrals that you submit to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Additional Status Information

You will now be able to see more information on the status of referrals submitted by your clinic. These include:

Status Type Definition
Submitted Referral received
In Progress Referral received, In Progress
In Triage Referral in triage
Pending Scheduling Referral is pending scheduling
Patient Scheduled Patient’s appointment scheduled
Cancelled Referral has been cancelled

New Menu Options

  • Any referrals submitted by your clinics prior to July 20 can be viewed using the “View Referrals (Historical)” tab in the dropdown menu under My Referrals.
  • Any referrals submitted by your clinics starting July 20 will appear under “View Referrals.”
  • You will be able to continue to submit referrals by using the New Referrals page. There will be additional information that you will be asked to provide when you submit a new referral.

Submitting Multiple Referrals

  • The current referral process allows users to refer a patient to multiple clinics at once. Starting July 20, you will need to create a separate referral for each clinic. For example, if you are referring a patient to CHLA for both Orthopaedics & Physical Therapy you will need to create a separate referral for each clinic.
  • Once you create the first referral for a patient, you will have the option to start the next referral using demographic information you already provided for the patient.

System Downtime

To accommodate these updates, myCHLA will be unavailable from July 19 at 6 p.m. until July 20 at 9 a.m. We appreciate your understanding.

Historical Information

If you would like to check on the status of referrals submitted before July 19, please contact the Provider Relations Team.


For assistance on these changes, please contact the Provider Relations Team at or the CHLA Help Desk at

The myCHLA portal is a great online resource that provides physicians access to real-time clinical information on their patients referred to CHLA. A secure login will give physicians the ability to:

  • View their patients’ medical records
  • Submit and track patient referrals to CHLA
  • Access online CME courses and view upcoming events
  • Find clinical resources and research information
  • And much more

Features of myCHLA

View CHLA patients’ Medical Records

  • Including: labs, radiology reports, and notes

Refer Patients to CHLA

  • Submit regular or urgent referrals and view the status of the referral
  • View previous and future CHLA visits
  • View assigned physician

Continuing Education

  • View CHLA Pediatric Grand Rounds online
  • Access online lectures for CME credit
  • Register for and attend CHLA CME courses

To create an account, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the myCHLA portal?

To register for a myCHLA account, go to

Select “Create an Account” at the top right corner of the site. Complete the registration process online. You will receive an email from CHLA confirming that your request has been received. CHLA’s Health Information Management office will verify your information and send you confirmation within 48 hours.

Note: One physician in your practice must be designated as a Practice Owner and will need to be the first person to create a myCHLA account. As a physician or a non-physician in an office that has a Practice Owner, you will need to enter a unique practice ID number, which can be obtained from the practice owner in your office.

Step-by-step instructions for account creation can be found in our User Guide.

Or, for a general overview, please see our Quick Reference Guide.

Can myCHLA be accessed by office administrators, managers, physician assistants and nurses in the practice?

Yes. Staff members can be granted access with permission from the Practice Owner in your office once they have created a myCHLA account. Practice Owners can enroll their staff under the “My Practice” tab. Staff members can also “Create an Account” and enter the unique practice ID number from the website’s home page.

I’m part of multiple practices; do I need separate logins for each?

No. All of your patients will be available for viewing under one login. Please make sure to select the appropriate practice when submitting referrals. You may also select a default account under your account information.

Can parents or legal guardians access their child’s records through the myCHLA portal?

No. Patients and parents or legal guardians can access medical records through the MyChildren'sLA patient portal.

I forgot my username and/or password. What should I do?

Select the “Forgot username or password” option on the myCHLA homepage. Choose from the options listed and enter your first and last name and the email address you used to create the account. Once your information is entered, you will be asked to answer a security question before a link to reset your password/username is sent to your email.

Note: The fields for your contact information are case-sensitive and must match the format you used when creating your myCHLA account.

If I need support for my account, whom do I contact?

If you are a myCHLA user and need support with an active account, please call: 888-631-2452, option 5 or contact the CHLA Help Desk at

My patient was seen at CHLA but is not located on the “My Patients” tab. How can I access the patient’s medical record?

Go to the “My Patients” tab and select “New Patient Access Request.” Fill out and submit the request form. This request will be sent to the Health Information Management office, which will add the patient’s information within 48 hours.

What is the status of my referral?

You can check the status of your referral in the “View My Referrals” section of the “My Referrals” tab. Please call 888-631-2452, option 3, if you need further assistance.

I submitted a referral via fax. Will it display on the “My Referrals” tab in the portal?

Yes, all of your referrals, whether faxed, called in, or entered in the portal will automatically flow into the “My Referrals” list after they are entered into our system.

Note: If you are faxing notes to be added to an open referral that was submitted via the portal, please indicate this on the fax cover sheet. This will help streamline the referral process by preventing multiple tickets for the same referral.

Can I sign up for CMEs through the portal?

Yes, under the “Education” tab you will be able to:

  • Register for live CME events
  • View Grand Rounds
  • View online CME events for credit

Is there a cost for using myCHLA?

No, there is no cost for using myCHLA.

Our practice has moved and we are adding a new physician. How can I update this information for my practice?

  • Go to the “My Practice” tab.
  • Click on “Tell us about it” (inside the information box on the right) to inform us about any changes in your practice.