Las Madrinas Simulation Research Laboratory

Las Madrinas Pediatric Simulation Research Laboratory

The Las Madrinas Simulation Research Laboratory provides an environment that can replicate ICU rooms, OR suite, ward/clinic, and other hospital settings. Each of these settings is designed to reflect the realities of the patient care environment, the emergencies that can unexpectedly arise, and promote the teamwork necessary in caring for patients.

About Us

Las Madrinas

We would like to thank Las Madrinas for their generous $5 million commitment to establish and fund the Las Madrinas Pediatric Simulation Research Laboratory Endowment. This critical endowment allows CHLA to implement initial curricula, invest in the knowledge and confidence of hospital staff through simulation training, and continue to expand efforts to train external healthcare professionals.

Read more about the history and generosity of Las Madrinas

Research and Publications

At the Las Madrinas Pediatric Simulation Research Laboratory, we believe as learners we are leading transformation in alignment with the values of CHLA, by striving to achieve excellence in research, improve quality of pediatric care, development of well-functioning teams, and ensure best practice by using state of the art simulation technology.  Our research is aimed at improving education in healthcare using novel simulation modalities, as we collaborate with many departments at CHLA in a multidisciplinary fashion and by partnering with other simulation centers. Additionally, we are participants in several national and international pediatric simulation research collaboratives.


Burke RV, Demeter NE, Goodhue CJ, Roesly H, Rake A, Young LC, Chang TP, Cleek E, Morton I, Upperman JS, and Jensen AR.  Qualitative Assessment of Simulation-Based Training for Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation. Surgery 2017; 161(5):1357-1366. PMID:27842918   

In Press

Weems F, Friedlich P, Nelson L, Rake A et al.: The Role of ECMO Simulation Training at ELSO Centers in the United States. Simulation In Healthcare, accepted May 2017.

Rutledge C, Walsh CM, Nathan Swinger N, Auerbach M, Castro D, Dewan M, Khattab M, Rake A, et al. Gamification in Action: Theoretical and Practical Consideration for Medical Educators.  Academic Medicine, accepted Dec 2017.

McLaughlin C, Jenson AR, Burke RV, Morton I, Upperman JS, Park C, Wieck M, Rake A, et al. Self- Assessment of Team Performance using T-NOTECHS in Simulated Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation is not Consistent with Expert Assessment.   Am Journal Surg, accepted Jan 2018.

Scheduling and Courses


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  • Anesthesia Simulation Course
  • Difficult Airway Workshop
  • Bronchoscopy Workshop
  • PICU Fellows Simulation Course
  • Pediatric Nursing Specialty – Special Situation Courses
  • In-situ Crisis Resource Management Program
  • Pediatric Medical Residency Program Course
  • High Fidelity PALS Course
  • High Fidelity ACLS Course
  • Procedure Workshops
  • ECMO Simulation Team Training
  • Trauma Team Simulation Training
  • STABLE course
  • CCRN course
  • Simulation Facilitator Workshop
  • Disaster Olympix

Our Simulators and Task Trainers

Simulators available for use:

  • Premie HAL® S3009
  • Tory® S2210
  • HAL® S3004 One Year Old Pediatric Simulator
  • HAL® S3005 Five Year Old Pediatric Simulator
  • ECMO Simulators
  • SimNewB®
  • SimBaby™
  • Resusci Anne® QCPR®
  • Resusci Baby® QCPR®
  • Trauma Child
  • Difficult Airway Trainer (Adult & Peds)
  • IV/CVC Insertion Trainer
  • Ultrasound Task Trainers