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Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring Program


The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring Program is to provide effective, collaborative mentoring relationships to students who identify as underrepresented in medicine (URM) and to foster an atmosphere of support and guidance with early exposure to pediatrics and academic medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


  1. Engage URM students in the fields of pediatrics and academic medicine
  2. Provide exposure to a post-graduate training experience in pediatrics at a large academic institution
  3. Develop mentorship skills among residents and fellows
  4. Promote academic confidence, personal growth and professionalism through effective mentoring
  5. Increase the number of URM applicants to pediatric and combined pediatric residencies
  6. Increase the number of URM applicants to the Pediatric Residency Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


  • Medical student mentees are matched into a mentorship “family” consisting of one faculty mentor and one resident or fellow mentor.
  • Mentorship families are created on the basis of mentee interest and priorities.
  • Mentorship families meet multiple times over the course of a year, with initial meetings centered around goal-setting.

Professional Development Sessions

  • Mentee and mentors will participate in three professional development sessions over the course of the year.
  • Professional development sessions will cover a variety of topics including:
    • Mentorship and Sponsorship
    • Professionalism
    • Imposter Syndrome and The Hidden Curriculum


  • In-person shadowing is currently on hold in light of social distancing.

DIMP Leadership

Program Co-Founders

Brigitte Huertas-Arias, MD
Bruke Tedla, MD

Faculty Leaders

Jasmine Smith, MD, MBA
Patricia Castillo, MD
Fasha Liley, MD

Resident Leaders

Alexa Manrriquez, MD
Melissa Rios, MD, MPH
Camille Davis, MD

Keck School of Medicine Medical Student Liaisons

Raul Soto
Avani Kelekar

Keck School of Medicine Program Liaisons

Kairos Llobrera, PhD
Joyce Richey, PhD