Community Programs and Impact

Each year, our programs and initiatives serve thousands of children in local communities through outreach, education and advocacy. From community health improvement services to education and research -- Children's Hospital Los Angeles collaborates with families, civic and community organizations, government agencies, educators, researchers, child advocates and policymakers to improve the health of the children and adolescents in local communities and across the region.

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Child Health Advocacy

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children, adolescents and their families by integrating medical care, education and research to provide the highest quality care and service to our diverse community.

Government, business and community relations serve the advocacy goals of the hospital, building a strong relationship between hospital leaders, local city representatives, councilmembers, Sacramento and Washington.

The Division of Government, Business and Community Relations provides a comprehensive guide to resources and advocacy tools to help parents and health care professionals learn the skills to become strong, informed advocates.

Resources for Healthcare Reform Information

Local Representatives

28th Congressional District
U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff

24th State Senate District
Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De León

43rd Assembly District
Assemblymember Laura Friedman

City Council District 13
Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell

Child Safety

Injury prevention education is just one of the many ways Children's Hospital Los Angeles strives to keep children everywhere healthy.

Childhood Injury Prevention

The Injury Prevention Program at Children's Hospital is actively engaged, through its own work, along with its work in collaboration with injury coalitions in several actively programs designed to arm families with the information they need to keep their children injury-free. The goal of this program is to educate families so that they can avoid accidents that are often the cause of hospital visits to our Emergency Department for children each year.

Kohl’s Safety and Injury Prevention Program

In partnership with Kohl’s Cares for Kids, the Kohl’s Safety and Injury Prevention Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles provides safety education and equipment for children and families in local communities. Look for program staff at health fairs and other community events where they provide safety demonstrations, share educational materials and answer parents' questions about how to keep their children safe.

Traffic Safety

Through the L.A. Street Smarts Program, our staff bring a kid-size interactive neighborhood to your school, church or community event. This interactive "set," combined with our trained staff, help children learn how to walk, run and play safely around and near streets in urban Los Angeles. Children are presented with activities as they walk through the child-sized city that teach them how to avoid cars backing out of driveways, watch traffic lights to know when it is safe to cross the street and even what to do if toys roll out into the street (and much more).

Community Benefit

Children's Hospital Los Angeles' commitment to patients and their families extends well beyond the building walls. These activities ensure the hospital remains responsive to the needs of the community. This investment in the community helps make a difference in the lives of children, adolescents and their families. Learn more about the programs we provide.

Community Health

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles recognizes that the best way to serve its community is to understand its health care needs and the issues that affect children, adolescents, parents and families. In order to identify these needs, Children’s Hospital conducts the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Children's Hospital uses the Community Health Needs Assessment to develop its community benefit plan. This assessment incorporates components of primary data collection and secondary data analysis that focus on the health and social needs of the service area.

Community Partnerships

Children's Hospital Los Angeles collaborates with numerous community programs, civic leaders, health care organizations and hundreds of other organizations and associations, many of which are listed below.  

Family Health

At Children's Hospital, there are numerous resources available for community residents, which are not limited to patients and their families. Empowered with this information, community members are more likely to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

Visit our Patients and Families calendar to see upcoming events.

Nutrition Information for Children

Nutritional information for children, especially those who are sick or undergoing medical care, is significantly different from that of adults. Our nutrition staff maintain a wealth of pediatric dietary, allergy and nutrition information online -- information they have gained from working with chronically ill patients. Additionally, there are tips for parents to address behavioral issues around food and healthy eating. Some of these resources are also available in Spanish.

Nurse Bloggers

Our expert pediatric nurses regularly answer basic child health questions on the job.

Through CHLA's blog, our nurses are able to share these answers on a variety of pediatric topics with moms online.

Past blog posts include:

Parent University

Our hospital's Parent University program offers a free cohort of courses on health care for kids and teens to help demystify and simplify common child health topics for parents.

Each course is offered on a weekend, with classes available in both English and Spanish.

Lectures are provided by physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other specialists at our hospital, covering subjects including well-child visits, nutrition for kids, sleep, healthy toddlers and child safety.

Health Access

Health Insurance Education for Families

Certified Covered California Educators are available in the community to assist families in finding the resources needed to obtain health insurance.

Information Provided

  • Navigating the state’s health insurance exchange portal
  • Shopping and comparing health insurance rates and options
  • Learning whether you qualify for monthly premium assistance
  • How to use your health insurance
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Advocating for health care services needed
  • Learning about other family health access programs in Los Angeles County

Helpful Links

Neighborhood Projects

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles serves as an economic engine for the neighborhood, spurring growth and development as one of East Hollywood’s largest employers.

Good Neighbor Initiative

Hospital staff are actively involved creating partnerships to improve surrounding neighborhoods and to create and sustain a healthier, safer more beautiful local community.

As part of the good neighbor initiative, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has partnered with Hollywood's Chamber of Commerce, East Hollywood Business Improvement District, Los Angeles City College, surrounding Neighborhood Councils and local civic groups to work on community development projects.

In collaboration with the East Hollywood Business Improvement District, the Office of Community Affairs participates in the planning and implementation of other neighborhood improvement initiatives.

Teen Health

In addition to the numerous educational opportunities offered to teens at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, programs encouraging teen health are also available, providing resources and services regarding HIV prevention, sex education and teen pregnancy.

Nurse Bloggers

Putting their years of expertise to work, our expert pediatric nurses blog answers to a variety of health care topics for teens and adolescents on CHLA's Blog.

Past blog posts include:

Project NATEEN

Through Project NATEEN, pregnant and parenting teens receive a full spectrum of: supportive services. Young parents, their families and partners work with specially-trained advocates to identify needs and the paths to accomplish them.

Workforce Development

In addition to the educational opportunities available to graduate, current college students and undergraduate health professionals, Children's Hospital Los Angeles also offers an array of programs for high school students who have an interest in a future career in medicine. Read more.

Workforce Development - Careers in Health and Mentorship Program (CHAMP)

With the increasing focus on health economics, business and patient care support services, non-clinical careers are in demand. Children's Hospital Los Angeles, in partnership with Bank of America, has developed the Careers in Health and Mentorship Program (CHAMP) to help young adults in Los Angeles develop critical skills for entry-level employment. Read more.