بقلم كاتي سويني أولا ، اهتزت أصابع يديه. ثم اهتزت أصابع قدميه. الآن، يقوم بتحريك رأسه للجانبين، ويقطب حاجبيه عندما يختلف معك. بالنسبة لعلي المطوع - البالغ من العمر ثلاث أعوام - وبالنسبة لوالديه وأسرته، والأطباء والممرضات والمعالجين في مستشفى لوس أنجلوس للأطفال Children’s
How occupational therapist Jamie Berggren helps infants recover from a potentially disabling nerve injury suffered at birth. By Jeff Weinstock Therapy is a bummer, Maurice could tell you. It’s his first teachable moment, and at 8 months old he’s receiving it on his stomach,
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Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may face daily challenges in the areas of social interaction and engaging with others, communication, sensory processing, cognitive difficulties and motor planning and coordination skills.   Having your child work with an
By Katie Sweeney On the morning of Aug. 21, 2017, a nurse brought a special gift into 2-year-old Elliott’s room at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: a pair of eclipse glasses. It was the day of the much-anticipated total solar eclipse—the first in nearly a century to be