Who are speech-language pathologists? Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are trained clinicians who specialize in the assessment and treatment of communication disorders. SLPs have a wide scope of practice and treat a variety of developmental delays, including difficulties
What is the most important thing parents need to know about the measles outbreak? The most important thing is to have your children vaccinated if they have not already received their vaccines. The measles vaccine is safe and highly effective. How does measles spread?
Cuando uno se criaba en los años 50, las enfermedades durante la infancia parecían inevitables. Por ejemplo, todos mis hermanos pasaron la varicela y uno de mis vecinos padeció poliomielitis. Después, las familias empezaron a tener una mayor disponibilidad de las vacunas para
Growing up in the ‘50s, childhood diseases seemed unavoidable. For example, all my siblings experienced chickenpox and one of my neighbors was affected by polio. Then vaccinations became more available to families for prevention of disease and illness like the chickenpox,