Research Observer Onboarding Guidelines

A research observer for The Saban Research Institute is a non-employee researcher training in the laboratory of a USC faculty member based at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This onboarding process does not apply to individuals being paid through CHLA funds, nor does it apply to individuals working with patients or patient information. 

Required Documentation

All required documentation must be completed at least three weeks (15 business days) before start date.

  1. Observer Registration Form – Applicant must complete this form online.
  2. ID Request Form – Applicant must download the file, complete this form and email it to
    • This form requests a Social Security number (SSN) to be entered.
      • If you would prefer to not include your SSN in the emailed form, please contact the TECPAD office at to schedule a phone call to provide your SSN.
    • For international observers (citizens of countries other than the U.S.), please send a scanned copy of the front and back of your national ID card and a scanned copy of your passport that includes your photo and passport number to
  3. Mentor Approval Form – Supervising Principal Investigator must complete this form online.
  4. Immunization Requirements:
    • Refer to the immunization documentation requirements.
      • On the day the observer receives a badge, they must first stop into the office of Employee Health Services (EHS) for authorization of immunization records (view campus map). Observers not approved by EHS are not eligible to receive a badge.
      • To save time, it is recommended that observers email records in one PDF file to for preliminary review.
      • For questions regarding immunization requirements, contact EHS at 323-361-2533. Immunization requirements vary depending on status and job title, so be sure to indicate you are applying for a Research Observer position if calling EHS.
      • To receive a tuberculosis (TB) test, please view a list of EHS-suggested local clinics.
  5. Intellectual Property Agreement: Applicant must review, sign and send the agreement to

Other Forms

  • Parents of minors are required to complete a supplemental Parental Consent Form and email it to Consent form must come from a parent’s email.
  • If an observer needs CHLA network access or a CHLA email address, please ask your mentor to reach out to us to initiate the process. Once mentor approval for this is confirmed, our team will submit the required Request for User Access Form (RFUA) to the CHLA Service Desk for processing.

Next Steps

  1. The Office of Training, Education, Career Planning and Development (TECPAD) will request a CHLA ID number for the observer. It can take several days to generate.
  2. In the meantime, TECPAD will send the observer instructions on completing an online laboratory safety quiz. The observer should email TECPAD,, when they have completed the quiz.
  3. Once the above requirements are met, TECPAD will give the observer clearance forms.
  4. The observer should take these clearance forms to Employee Health Services for review and authorization of immunization records (view campus map).
  5. The observer should take the clearance forms to the Badge Office, which will issue the badge (view campus map).


Contact the Office of Training, Education, Career Planning and Development (TECPAD) at