Rajagopalan Laboratory

Dr. Rajagopalan’s lab focuses on developing imaging and computational methods to understand placental, fetal and infant development and how it is influenced by birth anomalies or environmental factors.

Research Topics

  • Fetal Neurodevelopment

  • Early life brain imaging

  • Impact of maternal health on fetal development

  • Congenital heart disease

Research Overview

Dr. Rajagopalan’s research focus is to advance non-invasive imaging and computational methods to study placental and fetal development in utero. The overall goal of her research is to better understand neurocognitive outcomes associated with various congenital, environmental and mental health risks. In particular, her work focuses on congenital heart disease. Changes in fetal hemodynamics can impact the structure, connectivity and function of the brain, setting off a “perfect storm” of adverse life outcomes. Non-invasive imaging and computational methods could provide a unique window of opportunity to lay the groundwork for early neuroprotection aimed at improving long-term outcomes and quality of life for high-risk children and their families.