Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases
Director, Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics, The Saban Research Institute
Investigator, Infectious Diseases
Attending Physician
Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Clinical Scholar), Keck School of Medicine of USC
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Michael is a Board-certified pediatric infectious disease specialist with more than 20 years of experience in patient care and research. He serves as the director of the CHLA Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics, making him one of the world leaders in creating models of drug behavior that help identify the best drug dose for an individual patient to achieve the desired concentrations in the body. Through his work at The Saban Research Institute, he leads internationally recognized research efforts in pediatric clinical pharmacology and infectious diseases.

Michael received his medical degree from the University of California, Davis, and completed an internship and residency at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, University Hospitals of Cleveland in Ohio. In 2002, he completed two fellowships in the Divisions of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Pharmacology, both also from the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, University Hospitals of Cleveland. He is currently an Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Clinical Scholar) at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. He lectures internationally and has published more than 100 peer-reviewed publications as well as nine book chapters.


Medical School: 

University of California, Davis


Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital: Pediatrics


Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital: Pediatrics


Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital: Pediatric Infectious Disease; Childrens Hospital & Rainbow Babies: Clinical Pharmacology



Pediatrics: American Board of Pediatrics; Pediatric Infectious Diseases: American Board of Pediatrics


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Research Interests: 

When it comes to choosing a dose for a medication, such as an antibiotic or a cancer drug, we can do far better than the current practice of giving the same dose to everyone. We know that each patients has a unique profile of drug concentrations in the blood, and that if we can shape that profile, we can often improve both the effectiveness and safety of the drug. This is one aspect of the rapidly growing field of personalized medicine, which recognizes that one size definitely does not fit all.  Under the direction of Michael Neely, MD, the Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics is one of the world leaders in creating models of drug behavior in populations of patients to find the best dose for an individual patient, a dose that is most likely to achieve the desired concentration profile in blood or tissue.

Visit the Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics.  


  • NIGMS R01 GM068968: Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Dual Optimal Control
  • NICHD R01 HD070886: Ontogeny of Voriconazole Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism

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