Investigator, Research Urology
Assistant Professor of Research Surgery, Keck School of Medicine of USC
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Laura Perin, MD is an assistant professor at Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. Before joining the faculty at USC she was a research fellow at Harvard School of Medicine, where she obtained her PhD, and a postdoctoral fellow at Children Hospital of Los Angeles. She is a recipient of many intramural and extramural awards including CIRM, American Urology Foundation, Alport Foundation, etc. Her research focuses on the application of human and mouse amniotic fluid stem cells (AFSC) in animal models of acute and chronic kidney, pancreas and lung. In addition, Dr. Perin is investigating the mechanism of action of stem cells and how AFSC provide organ protection thorough their modulatory effects.


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Research Interests: 

Laura Perin, PhD, and Roger De Filippo, MD, are principal investigators and co-directors of the GOFARR Laboratory for Organ Regenerative Research and Cell Therapeutics in Urology, focus on the development of new stem cell therapeutics and other techniques for organ regeneration.

Using a model for Alport’s Syndrome, a kidney disease characterized by progressive renal fibrosis, the research team injected Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells (AFSC) early in the course of the disease and found that the treatment increased survival time and ameliorated the decline in kidney function.

Visit the GOFARR Laboratory for Organ Regenerative Research and Cell Therapeutics in Urology.