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Bhavana Arora, MD, MBA

Assistant Clinical Professor; Chief Medical Officer, CHLA Care Network

Dr. Bhavana Arora is the Chief Medical Officer of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Care Network and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Keck School of Medicine. She sees patients at the Boone Fetter clinic.  Dr. Arora is Board-certified in General Pediatrics and completed her residency training at University of California Los Angeles. She also has a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Dr. Arora is passionate about elevating the health of communities and building ecosystems to support providers, patients and families that extend expert pediatric care from CHLA.  A particular focus is addressing the mental health crisis of rising rates of anxiety, depression, suicide and substance use.  She collaborates with pediatricians in the community to enable them to provide much needed treatment for the mental health needs of the patients.  In addition, she participates in advocacy efforts on the state level with California Children’s Hospital Association and on the federal level with Children’s Hospital Association for improved mental health access, payment, and support.

Prior to her current role at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Dr. Arora served as Assistant Utilization Management Director and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics for the Providence Health System. She also served on the board of Providence Health Network and as the Quality Director for Providence Health Network.


Medical School

State University of New York, Syracuse, NY


UCLA Medical Center


UCLA Medical Center


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Behavioral Health, Digital Health, Population Health, Quality Improvement in General Pediatrics