Astgik Petrosyan PhD

Astgik Petrosyan, PhD

Researcher, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Assistant Professor, Research Urology, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Dr. Astgik Petrosyan‘s laboratory focuses on understanding the role of the extracellular matrix in cancer and development. She has expertise in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, renal development, cancer, and chip technology.


Graduate School

University of Southern California, PhD, Development, Stem Cells, and Regenerative Medicine
University of Southern California, Graduate Certificate, Diploma in Innovation



American Society of Transplantation
International Society for Stem Cell Research
American Society of Nephrology
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society

Medical Awards

Transplant Regenerative Medicine Committees of Practice (COP) Executive Committee Member at Large, American Society of Transplantation



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Petrosyan A, Cravedi P, Villani V, Angeletti A, Manrique J, Renieri A, De Filippo RE, Perin L, Da Sacco S. A glomerulus-on-a-chip to recapitulate the human glomerular filtration barrier. Nat Commun. 2019 Aug 13;10(1):3656. PMID: 31409793.

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Research Summary

Stem Cells, Extracellular Matrix, Molecular Biology, Regenerative Medicine, Cancer, Glomerulus on a Chip, and Human Kidney Developmental Biology