Arnold Platzker, MD

Clinical Interests

Asthma; Cystic fibrosis; Chronic lung disease of infancy


Medical School
Tufts University School of Medicine

Boston City Hospital: Pediatrics


Boston City Hospital: Pediatrics; Stanford University Program: Chief Pediatric Resident; Stanford University Program: Pediatrics

University of California at San Francisco: Cardiopulmonary Physiology/Neonatology



Pediatrics: American Board of Pediatrics; Pediatric Pulmonology: American Board of Pediatrics; Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: American Board of Pediatrics


Western Society of Pediatric Research; Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics; Fellow, American College of Chest Physicians; American Thoracic Society



Nield TA, Langenbacher D, Poulsen MK, Platzker ACG. Neurodevelopmental outcome at 3.5 years of age in children treated with extracorporeal life support (ECMO): relationship to primary diagnosis. J Pediatr, 136: 338-44, 2000

Colin AA, Rao S, Hunter J, Hanrahan J, Hiatt P, Kattan M, Koumbourlis A, Mellins RB, Platzker ACG, Ting A, Steinbach S, Wohl M. Forced expiratory flow in uninfected infants and young children born to HIV infected mothers. Amer J Respir Crit Care Med, 163: 865-73, 2001

Norton K, Kattan M, Rao S, Cleveland R, Trautwein L, Mellins R, Platzker ACG. Chronic roentgenographic changes in children with vertically transmitted HIV infection: results of the multi-center P2C2 HIV Study. Amer J Roentgenol, 176: 1553-58, 2001

Koumbourlis AC, Colin A, Hiatt P, Hunter J, Kattan M, Lewis K, McCarthy K, McConnell R, Mellins RB, Montague D, Peavy H, Platzker ACG, Rao S, Saiki K, Schluchter M, Steinbach S, Ting A, Weisner M, Wohl MEB. Comparison of indices of flow-limitation in partial expiratory flow-volume (PEVR) curves obtained with the thoraco-abdominal compression (RTC) technique. Submitted for publication

Platzker ACG, Kattan M, Mellins RB, Hunter J, Koumbourlis A, Shah A, Sunkle S, Wohl ME. Infant lung function and subsequent spirometry in children of HIV-infected mothers. In revision.


Research Summary

Infant and childhood antecedents of adult lung disorders; Pulmonary disease in vertically transmitted HIV; Childhood asthma, inflammatory mediators and cigarette smoke exposure