Just for Kids

Art and Music Program

The Mark Taper and Johnny Mercer Artists Program brings together local artists and musical performers with registered and certified Creative Arts Therapists at our hospital. Check out our YouTube video about the program!

Descriptions of Caregivers

An entire team of dedicated professionals are responsible for your care. We have posted descriptions of the caregivers you are likely to meet while you’re here. Your parents may contact any of your caregivers at any time to answer questions.

Dog Therapy Program

When you come to our hospital for an appointment or stay overnight for treatment, you may encounter someone’s pet -- a friendly volunteer dog -- along the way. Our hospital is fortunate to have a Dog Therapy Program that allows approved volunteers to bring their pet dog to the hospital to visit with you and your family. Check out photos of volunteer therapy dogs on our hospital’s Flickr page!


A view of the playground from a patient room. Click on the image for more playground pictures.

The playground at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is located just off the HBO Café. The spot is meant to be a relaxing place for patients and families. It is a place for kids of all abilities to play together. With a spongy fall surface throughout the grounds, kids are invited to steer a pilot’s wheel, peer through a periscope, sway back and forth on a wheelchair-accessible glider and prop themselves up with the help of strategically placed handlebars to count on an abacus -- activities that are physically and mentally challenging and fun.


Therapeutic play sessions take place in our playrooms and at the bedside. Playrooms are safe places for children to build coping skills, express creativity through play and share emotions and concerns.

Toy Program

To help you feel comfortable and special when staying in our hospital for treatments, we can provide you with a toy to recognize a significant milestone, such as a medical procedure or your birthday.