Health Care Professionals

The Center for Young Women conducted research on the health care experiences and needs of young women in L.A. County. We developed health care provider trainings, based on best practices, that focus on how to best care for young women ages 12 to 25.

We are glad to share the results of the research with your staff and train health care providers on how to better provide quality care to young women in a way that the practitioner can immediately put into practice.

We can provide one to two hours of staff and provider education trainings, or consult with you to provide the following outcomes:

  • Provider builds trust/rapport with patient/client
  • Patient/client discloses all problems/symptoms and circumstances surrounding presenting condition
  • Provider gets an accurate history
  • Patient/client adopts healthier lifestyle habits
  • Patient/client adheres to treatment protocol prescribed
  • Patient’s presenting condition heals successfully
  • Patient/client returns for health care in the future

If you are interested in training, please contact Sue LaVaccare at




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