Recent Hem-Onc Fellow Graduates

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Randall Chan, MD

Mammen Puliyel, MD

Shira Rosenberg, MD

Ashely Margol, MD

Chelsea Collins, MD


Bhakti Mehta, MD
Now a BMT 4th year fellow at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Rajkumar Venkatramani, MD, M.S.
Now an Assistant Professor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Jacquelyn Baskin, MD, MSc
Now an Assistant Professor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Reuben Antony, MD
Now an attending at Children’s Hospital of Illinois

Hung C. Tran, MD
Now an Assistant Professor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Waseem Alhushki, MD
Now an attending at Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada

Batul Suterwala, MD
Now a 5th year fellow at UCLA Medical Center

Josephine HaDuong, MD
Now an Assistant Professor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Etan Orgel, MD
Now an Assistant Professor at Miller’s Children’s Hospital

Vanessa Salinas-Luna, MD 


Julie Wolfson, MD, MS
Now a bone marrow transplant attending at City of Hope Hospital engaged in health outcomes research. 

“My Hem-Onc fellowship training at CHLA was a challenge and an adventure, but an adventure that I would embark on again without hesitation. The opportunity to learn from a breadth of amazing minds experienced in both not only the clinical but also esoteric aspects of every corner our field was unparalleled…and I felt supported by them every step of the way. I felt very prepared for taking care of both hematology and oncology patients across the spectrum when I left fellowship and was able to target my research training and experience to embark on a career that fit my particular interests and goals amazingly well. “

Tom Belle Davidson, MD
Completed Neuro-Oncology Fellowship at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and is now an Assistant Professor at Mattel Children’s Hospital, University of Los Angeles, California.

Richard Ko, MD, MS
Now an Assistant Professor at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Chintan Parekh, MD
Now an instructor at The University of California Los Angeles. His research focuses defining the role of BCL11B in normal and malignant T-cell development.


Nathan Robison, MD 
During his fellowship, Nathan worked in Dr. Shahab Asgharzadeh's lab, where he did translational research in medulloblastoma. After finishing his training here, he went on to complete a one-year pediatric neuro-oncology fellowship at Children's Hospital Boston. He is currently a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School, where he is working on clinical trials for children with poor-prognosis brain tumors.

"My training at Children's Hospital Los Angeles provided me with all of the tools I needed for a career in pediatric hematology/oncology. I was mentored by and worked side by side with some of the most well-respected oncologists and hematologists in the world, who were clearly committed to my education and success. In an environment that was at once both highly demanding and incredibly supportive, working with a wonderful multidisciplinary team, my co-fellows and I took care of children with just about every diagnosis imaginable. What some fellows may have learned from a book, we learned on the ward."

Tanja Gruber, MD, PhD
Now an attending at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Her laboratory research focus is on leukemias.
Satiro DeOliveira, MD
Now an assistant professor at University of California Los Angeles.


Saro Armenian, DO, MPH
Now an attending physician at City of Hope Hospital. He is a member of the Cancer Control Steering Committee of the Children’s Oncology Group. His clinical research focuses on cancer survivorship and late effects.

John Van Doornick, MD, MS
Now an attending physician in the Rocky Mountain Pediatric Hematology and Oncology group in Denver, Colorado.