Board of Trustees

Children's Hospital Los Angeles is a non-profit, private pediatric hospital under the leadership of a volunteer Board of Trustees, consisting of community leaders and physicians. The Board is responsible for establishing the vision, mission, and goals of the hospital, ensuring the highest quality patient care, securing the financial health of the hospital, building positive community relationships, ensuring qualified and competent executive management performance and fundraising to fulfill the hospital’s mission.

  • Board Co-Chairs
  • Committee Leaders
  • Trustees
  • Honorary Members

Board Co-Chairs

Co-Chair, Lynda Boone Fetter

Lynda Boone Fetter

A member of the Board of Trustees since 2004, Boone Fetter most recently chaired the Compensation Committee and previously served as chair of the Nominating Committee. She has served on the Executive, Advancement, Governance, Service and Access, and The Saban Research Institute committees. In addition, she was integral to the creation of the Boone Fetter Clinic within the Institute of the Developing Mind, which provides innovative and comprehensive care for thousands of children facing autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Boone Fetter is currently a principal/manager of Boone Fetter LLC and principal of Samuelson & Fetter LLC, a premier development firm in Los Angeles. For more than 30 years, she and husband Blaine have founded several private real estate and development firms. She also has served as president of The Caltech Associates and on the boards of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Rancho Los Alamitos. She is a member of the advisory board for the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California (USC) and is a former board member of the USC School of Planning and Public Policy and School of Philanthropy. She is also a member of Annenberg Alchemy and the Everychild Foundation, and a former executive committee member of the Foothills YMCA. She and her husband Blaine live in Pasadena.

Co-Chair, Arnold "Arnie" Kleiner


Arnie Kleiner has spent more than three decades advancing the missions of children’s hospitals across the nation. As a member of the CHLA Board of Trustees since 2002, he has served on the Executive, Safety and Quality, and Service and Access committees. He also immediately preceded Boone Fetter as chair of the Compensation Committee. He is a longstanding CHLA benefactor, most notably in supporting the annual broadcast of the Emmy Award-winning ABC7 television special, “Imagine: A Celebration of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”

Kleiner has more than 45 years in broadcast media and was most recently president and general manager of KABC-TV, a position he began in 1996. He steered the station to its current top-ranked status in the ultra-competitive Los Angeles television news market. With his recent retirement from KABC, Kleiner will have greater capacity to focus on advancing CHLA’s vision of the future as a provider of lifesaving care to the children of Los Angeles and beyond.

Kleiner also serves on the Board of the Los Angeles chapter of Autism Speaks and is a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the L.A. Multicultural Leadership Coalition. An Army veteran, Kleiner has worked in New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore. He and wife Carol reside in Los Angeles.

Committee Leaders

Advancement Committee

Allan M. Rudnick, Chair

Allan M. Rudnick

Thomas (Tom) M. Simms, Vice Chair

Thomas (Tom) M. Simms


Audit Committee

Thomas (Tom) M. Simms, Chair

Thomas (Tom) M. Simms

Eric Wasserman, Vice Chair

Eric Wasserman


Center for Global Health Committee

Martha N. Corbett, Chair

Martha N. Corbett


Compensation Committee

James (Jim) S. Hunt, Chair

James Hunt

Elisabeth (Beth) Hunt Price, Vice Chair

Elisabeth (Beth) Hunt Price

Finance Committee

Jeffrey (Jeff) Worthe, Chair

Jeffrey Worthe

Robert (Rob) A. Zielinski, Vice Chair

Robert A. Zielinski


Governance Committee

Susan H. Mallory, Chair

Susan H. Mallory

Kevin H. Brogan, Vice Chair

Kevin H. Brogan


Government Relations Committee

Gary J. Cohen, Chair

Gary J. Cohen

Jay Carson, Vice Chair

Jay Carson


Investment Committee

Mary Adams O'Connell, Chair

Mary Adams O'Connell

Ashwin Adarker, Vice Chair

Ashwin Adarker

The Saban Research Institute Committee

James Terrile, Chair

James Terrile

Bonnie McClure, Vice Chair

Bonnie McClure

Jihee Huh, Vice Chair

Jihee Huh


Safety and Quality Committee

Todd E. Molz, Chair

Todd E. Molz

Kimberly (Kim) Popovich Shepherd, Vice Chair

Kimberly Popovich Shepherd


Service and Access Committee

Marcia Wilson Hobbs, Chair

Marcia Wilson Hobbs

Alan J. Wilson, Vice Chair

Alan J. Wilson

Ashwin Adarkar    
Brooke Anderson    
Marion Anderson    
Ann K. Babcock    
June Banta    
Kevin H. Brogan    
Jay Carson    
Alex Chaves, Sr.    
Peggy Tsiang Cherng, PhD    
Gary J. Cohen    
Martha N. Corbett    
Richard D. Farman    
Lynda Boone Fetter    
Henri R. Ford, MD, MHA    
Deborah (Debbie) A. Freund, PhD    
Margaret (Peggy) Rodi Galbraith    
Ranjan Goswami
Carl Grushkin, MD    
Mary Dee Hacker, RN    
Mary Hart    
Megan Hernandez    
Marcia Wilson Hobbs    
Gloria Holden    
Jihee Huh    
James (Jim) S. Hunt    
William (Bill) H. Hurt    
Arnold (Arnie) J. Kleiner    
Kathleen McCarthy Kostlan    
Mark D. Krieger, MD    
Burt Levitch    
Michael J. Madden    
Susan H. Mallory    
Carol Mancino    
Bonnie McClure    
Caryll (Tally) Sprague Mingst    
Eugene (Mitch) Mitchell    
Todd E. Molz     
Mary Adams O’Connell    
Laurence (Larry) E. Paul, MD
John (Jack) D. Pettker    
Chester (Chet) J. Pipkin    
D. Brent Polk, MD     
Ronald Preissman     
Elisabeth (Beth) Hunt Price    
Elizabeth (Liz) Estrada Rahn    
Dayle Roath    
Stephen (Steve) D. Rountree    
Allan M. Rudnick    
Theodore (Ted) R. Samuels     
Paul M. Schaeffer    
Kimberly (Kim) Shepherd    
Thomas (Tom) M. Simms     
Victoria Simms, PhD    
Alexandra Meneses Simpson    
Lisa Stevens    
James Terrile    
Hon. Dickran M. Tevrizian    
Joyce Bogart Trabulus     
Alia Tutor
Rohit Varma, MD, MPH    
Paul S. Viviano
Eric C. Wasserman    
Cathy Siegel Weiss    
Roberta Williams, MD    
Alan J. Wilson     
Jeffrey (Jeff) Worthe     
Richard Zapanta, MD     
Robert (Rob) A. Zielinski

Honorary Members of the Board

Ernest O. Ellison
James M. Galbraith
Walter B. Rose
Cheryl Saban, PhD