Healing and Meditation Garden

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The Joyce and Stanley Black and Family Healing and Meditation Garden is available every day for visitors, patients and staff.  It is located in front of the hospital, off the Main Lobby.

  • No smoking is allowed in the garden.
  • A designated smoking area is provided outside of the garden area.
  • Should you wish to smoke, please follow the signs to the smoking area

Read More About Our Welcoming Environment

The Joyce and Stanley Black and Family Healing and Meditation Garden has created a place of healing and relaxation for parents and family members of our patients, and is a place of laughter and smiles for our patients.  It is also one of the most popular places in the hospital for our staf. 

While our patients benefit greatly from our hospital's playrooms, having a garden within a short walk of patient rooms means that children can go outside for their "playroom sessions.  Patients can bring music, balls, chalk, and games to spend time outside. 

Patient Comments

  • Is today a garden day?
  • It's nice!  I love the pictures!
  • I like the butterflies.
  • We love the insects that move.
  • We love having a place to go outside.

The Theme

Butterflies, bees, ladybugs, snails and an array of flowers were the imagery selected for the garden.  Our hospital's Mark Taper - Johnny Mercer Art & Music Therapy Program worked with patients and friends of the hospital to create tiles painted with these garden friends for placement throughout the garden.

The tiles have gardnered overwhelming approval and the decision has been made to add them to additional spaces in the New Hospital Building that will open in 2010.

Patient Poetry

The garden incorporates marble benches throughout the space.  Each stone bench is inscribed with a poem of hope and healing written by one of our patients.  Poems were carefully selected by a committee of parents of our patients and caregivers who made their choices based on poems that they found to be the most appropriate for children and the most inspiring for patients.

Reading the poems has brought a very positive response from all of our visitors and employees.  In addition, for our patients who enjoy the writing poetry with the support of the hospital's Mark Taper - Johnny Mercer Art & Music Therapy Program, seeing their peers' efforts taken seriously and placed in a public setting like our gardens, inspires them to give voice to their experiences of hospitalization, ultimately helping their own healing.

A Therapy Garden

A seed planting area has been incorporated into the garden.  Children are brought to this part of the garden to plant seeds, flowers and herbs alongside occupational therapists.  The activities help to increase strength, endurance, balance, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, balance, and mobility.  Planting also increases cognitive skills such as sequencing and problem solving. 

Physical therapists also use special bikes and trikes in the garden for patients.  Riding is excellent for increasing strength and endurance.  The kids play ball and ring-around-the-rosy on the lawn, and really enjoy just blowing bubbles outside.  Even the simple act of finding a worm can bring excitement. 

After an experience in our therapy garden, it is not unusual to hear a child ask "Can we have a garden at home?"  The garden literaly brings out the child from within to focus on someting outside themselves.  The plants and the kids grow through the process.   

Our garden was featured in Children's Hospitals Today, published by the National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI).