Your Clinic Visit

This page covers information you need to know before visiting the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute.

Clinic Hours

For scheduled routine visits with doctors and other health care providers:
8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday

Steps for a Clinic Visit

1. Check in at Registration

  • Please bring all the medicines your child is taking at home
  • If a blood draw is required before your appointment, please go to Anderson Lab 60 minutes before your clinic appointment

2. Vitals

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Vital Signs
    • Temperature
    • Blood Pressure

3. Laboratory Tests

  • Lab tests are required before most clinic appointments, but please check with your disease team to see if you need labs done before your appointment
  • Results are available within approximately one hour

4. Clinic Appointment with Doctor/Health Care Provider

  • Review and explanation of lab results
  • Physical examination
  • Review and explanation of treatment plans
  • New/refill prescriptions are given
  • Treatments (including chemotherapy, spinal tap, and others) may be done in the Infusion Center depending on the type/length of treatments

5. Follow-up Appointments

  • Made by Clinical Care Associates (CCA)

6. Review Instructions

  • Home care instructions
  • Future appointments
  • Medicines
  • Treatments