Volunteer Self-Assessment

Use our self-assessment survey to help you decide whether our hospital is a fit for your volunteer service.

  1. Select ALL of the options from both Section A and Section B that apply to you  
  2. Then click the “Evaluate My Responses” button below to find out more . . .

Section A

I have carefully considered my schedule and know that I can make a significant commitment of time to volunteering at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
I have some time available and I wish to give back. 
I know that the children I might see in the hospital may be in pain. 
I am comfortable working with and around them even though they may be experiencing discomfort.  
I am interested in a career in a hospital.  Before I make my final decision, I wish to spend time making sure that the hospital environment is a good place for me.
I treat volunteer commitments with the same respect that I do work obligations,  committing to serve on a regular day and time. 
I enjoy working in new situations, taking on different duties, or helping in additional ways based on the needs of the people around me. 
I am comfortable making repeated trips to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles to complete volunteer interviews, medical checks, orientations, and training (this may total as many as seven trips to the hospital).

Section B

I hope that my volunteer work will lead to a job at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
I want to use a volunteer position to improve my English-speaking skills. 
I hope to meet other people like me and expand my social network.
I want to gain clinical experience (hopefully by shadowing or assisting a member of the hospital's medical staff).
I hope to use volunteer service to work through the loss of a loved one. 
I am “in between jobs” and am hoping to use my free time to be of service.
I need to be busy all the time.

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