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We value the breakthroughs that have resulted in the work of our research-physicians and look forward to sharing our mission.

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Cornea Institute Research

At the Cornea Institute, we pursue an energetic research agenda designed to benefit children with a wide range of corneal disorders and advance the state of knowledge in this field.

For Cornea related published research, visit the bio for Bibiana Jin Reiser, MD. 

Eye Birth Defects Institute Research

The Eye Birth Defects Institute treats and studies congenital diseases that result in anatomic abnormalities of the eye and optic nerve. It is conducting the largest clinical study in the world to determine outcomes and risk factors involved with optic nerve hypoplasia.

For Eye Birth Defects published research, visit the bios for:

Eye Technology Institute Research

In collaboration with the world-renowned Jet Propulsion Laboratory and The California Institute of Technology, we endow the utmost reliable resources possible for pediatric eye care and unite with award winning technology specialists and researchers.

For Eye Technology published research, visit the bio for Mark S. Borchert, MD.

Orbit & Eye Movement Institute Research

The Orbit & Eye Movement Institute is dedicated to studying the most effective methods for detecting ocular and muscle conditions, such as the usefulness of red reflex testing, to find eye disease in children. 

For Orbit & Eye Movement published research, visit the bio for Angela N. Buffenn, MD, MPH.

Retina Institute Research

Our commitment to research in the Retina Institute has led to the development of new knowledge about complex retinal diseases and solutions for the children affected by them.

For Retina published research, visit the bio for:

Vision Development Research

The Vision Development Institute is dedicated to helping children with conditions that affect the normal development of vision by studying interactions between both eyes at the level of the brain’s visual areas and in finding better ways to recognize which children are at greatest risk for future vision problems.

To find research published by our team members, visit the bio of Kristina Tarczy-Hornoch, MD, DPhil.