Vision Center Heroes

Foundations and Corporate Giving

The Society of Camera Operators
Over the past 25 years, SOC has raised close to $150,000 for the Contact Lens Program. Each year through a collector pin sale, a swap meet, a large percentage of advertising revenue from SOC magazine, lifetime achievement awards book and tickets, and through member donations, SOC gives back for the gift of vision that its members have been given.

The Ahmanson Foundation
Established in 1952, The Ahmanson Foundation serves Los Angeles County by funding cultural projects in the arts and humanities, education, health care, programs related to homelessness and underserved populations and a wide range of human services.
Making a World of Difference - June 2009

One Small Voice Foundation
Through the support of the One Small Voice Foundation, the ONH research study at Children's Hospital Los Angeles has proudly taken the shape of a clinical research program for families with children diagnosed with ONH. Our research continues to grow and reach milestones demonstrating progress towards answering the many questions surrounding ONH.

Retinoblastoma International
Since it inception in 1998, RBI has been committed to supporting research, education, clinical care, safer/ more effective treatments, early diagnosis and awareness. In the year 2000, RBI helped pass California Assembly Bill 2185 to promote early and regular eye examinations for infants to detect the presence of tumors and numerous other eye problems. RBI also assists in funding with prenatal and neonatal research and aid, proteomics and international outreach. As a result, thousands of children could be spared from blindness and death.

Boy Scouts
Troop 139 - Each year, Troop 139 engages in various fundraising activities such as garage and popcorn sales to raise money for the troop, and annually donates a considerable portion of their proceeds to worthy charities.