TRUTH: A Trans Youth of Color Study

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The TRUTH study is a research initiative funded by the National Institutes of Health that is focused on preventing HIV and improving the health and wellness of Black, Latinx, Asian-Pacific Islander, Native, Indigenous and mixed race trans and gender non-conforming youth in Los Angeles.

Why Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Youth of Color?

To date, there has been very little research about gender non-conforming or trans-youth. We do know that Trans-women of color experience great health disparities and have higher HIV rates than any other group. This study seeks to address the lack of knowledge by adding to the body of research available.

What is the purpose of TRUTH?

The TRUTH study is focused on identifying the most effective ways for engaging trans and gender non-conforming youth of color in the HIV Care Continuum. The HIV Care Continuum is a series of steps a person at risk for HIV takes to prevent and/or drastically reduce the amount of HIV in the body. From HIV testing to engagement in care and adherence to HIV treatment, taking these steps helps prevent the spread of HIV to others. The TRUTH Study will help researchers:

  • Develop new strategies to prevent new HIV infections and improve health outcomes.
  • Understand the barriers that keep trans-youth of color out of care, as well as the factors that help them stay in care.
  • Develop effective ways to engage trans-youth of color in the HIV Care Continuum.
  • Identify health care opportunities for diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Communicate the importance of adherence to antiretroviral therapy and viral suppression to enhance health.
  • Help trans and gender non-conforming youth of color to advocate for themselves.
  • Influence HIV care policy and funding.