Transition and Transfer of Care

What is Transition?

Transition care refers to services that prepare young adults with chronic health conditions and their families to move from child-centered to adult-oriented health care systems.

  • Transition services at Children's Hospital Los Angeles are designed to help adolescent and young adult patients and their families understand what they need to know and to expect once they graduate into adult healthcare systems
  • Supports adolescents and young adults to identify and coach them to pursue their educational, vocational and other adult goals and dreams.
  • Transition specialists will help young adult patients or families to move forward with plans for the future, find appropriate adult doctors and other providers and learn the skills they need to take care of their health and navigate the healthcare systems

Transition of Services includes:

  • Building patients’ knowledge and skills to understand and manage your health and healthcare needs
  • Building patient skills to advocate for themselves and their healthcare needs
  • Building patient and families’ skills to navigate changes in insurance coverage
  • When appropriate, preparing parents to support patients’ independence
  • Finding new doctors and providers who treat adults with patients’ condition
  • Helping patient choose career or job options and training
  • Enjoying healthy relationship with friends and family
  • When appropriate, preparing patients to live independently as an adult

What Is Transfer of Care?

Transfer of Care is the planned transfer of patients from Children's Hospital Los Angeles or other pediatric services to doctors and other providers who care for adults. New adult doctors may specialize in the treatment of patients’ condition and/or may be a primary care doctor, providing general medical services.  Before young adult patients leave Children's Hospital Los Angeles, our transition teams help prepare patients and families to link to new adult specialists or general, primary care doctors.  They will provide patients and families with tools to help patients be responsible for their own medical care and ongoing healthcare needs into the future.With this transfer, the following things happen:

  • Assistance in identifying specialty and primary adult care providers
  • Assistance in enrolling in adult insurance and healthcare plans
  • Preparing patients’ to create a portable Health Passport
  • Providing a case summary to be transferred to new adult providers