The Saban Research Institute 19th Annual Poster Session

On June 10, 2014, the Anita S. Watson Courtyard buzzed with excitement as CHLA students and staff prepared for The Saban Research Institute 19th Annual Poster Session.

Established nearly two decades ago as a way to highlight the diversity of research at CHLA, the poster session has evolved into one of the most anticipated and attended events of the year, where researchers from across the hospital come together to showcase their recent work and discoveries.

Not only does the poster session promote collaboration for future research projects within our CHLA community, it also emphasizes our institution’s global reach – evidenced this year as conversations in French, Chinese and Korean rose above the crowd.

To make room for all 173 entries, the day was divided into morning and afternoon poster sessions, separated by a lunchtime presentation “About Noam Chomsky, DNA Patterns, Non-Coding RNAs and Cancer Patients” by George Calin, MD, PhD, from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Specific poster topics ranged from the regeneration of the enteric nervous system to evaluating postgraduate medical education in Rwanda, and represented the broad reach of basic science and clinical/community research.

Amidst the friendly conversation and discussion, a group of judges visited the displays of 14 predetermined Best Poster Award finalists. From a brief oral presentation, research methods and findings, four overall winners were chosen.

19th Annual Poster Session Best Poster Award Recipients

Michael Harrison, PhD
Mentor: Ellen Lien, PhD
Poster Title: Endocardial Cells Form Coronary Vasculature in Juvenile Zebrafish by Chemokine-Guided Angiogenesis

Jonathan Tucci, BA, MS
Mentor: Steven Mittelman, MD, PhD
Poster Title: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells Utilize Adipocyte-Derived Free Fatty Acids for Proliferation

Manu Raam, MD, and Sandra Gildersleeve, MD
Mentor: Thomas Keens, MD
Poster Title: Safe infant sleep modeling and education at CHLA

Maya Kumar, MD
Mentor: Miriam Kaufman, MD
Project Title: Reading and Adolescent Parents: A Clinical Reading Intervention

Best Poster Award Finalists

Basic Science:

Michael Harrison, PhD (Mentor: Ellen Lien, PhD)
Ying Huang, MS (Mentor: Ellen Lien, PhD)
Victor Liao, BS (Mentor: Jennifer Aparicio, PhD)
Shivesh Punit, MS (Mentor: D. Brent Polk, MD)
Donglai Qi, PhD (Mentor: David Cobrinik, MD, PhD)
Jonathan Tucci, BA, BS (Mentor: Steven Mittelman, MD, PhD)

Clinical/Community Science:

Dean Coffey, PsyD (Mentor: Bradley Hudson, PsyD)
Irene Koolwijk, MD (Mentor: Kathleen Nelson, MD)
Maya Kumar, MD (Mentor: Miriam Kaufman, MD)
Ashwini Lakshmanan, MD (Mentor: Michele Kipke, PhD)
Manu Raam, MD, & Sandra Gildersleeve, MD (Mentor: Thomas Keens, MD)
Arash Sabati, MD (Mentor: Jondavid Menteer, MD)
Weili Sun, MD, PhD (Mentor: Alan Wayne, MD)
Rika Meyer, PhD (Mentor: Jeffrey I. Gold, PhD)