Share Your Story - I Am Under 18

We are so excited that you’d like to share your story with us.

For the first step, we’ll need you to get your parents to assist you, but there are many things you can do to prepare:

Step 1

Share the web address below with your parents so they can have a look around and see what others are sharing online.

Step 2

Begin writing your story. You can keep it in a Word document, or even in a paper journal or diary until you and your parents are ready to share it with the world on our website.

Step 3

Find a photo or two that you’d like them to use with your story -– something that shows you engaged in a sport or hobby, or enjoying time with family, friends or even your favorite pet.

When you and your parents have agreed on what you would like to add to our site, they can come and sign into our website and get the ball rolling. We look forward to seeing your story receive the attention it deserves on our website.

Thank you again for your interest in sharing your story of care with us and with others who care about the work we do at our hospital!