Share Your Story FAQ

1.  Will You Add My Story Right Away?

We do not add stories to the website right away. All stories that are submitted to us are reviewed to be sure that they are:

  • Clear and understandable for our web visitors
  • Truthful in their representation of the medical information provided
  • Free of content that could be offensive to our patients and their families
  • Free of advertisements

As a result, please allow a minimum of 2-3 business days to review and add your story to our site.

Once your story has been added, you will receive an email notifying you that your story has been posted and inviting you to share the web address for your story with friends and family.

2.  Will You Change My Story? 

Spelling and grammatical errors may be corrected to ease the experience of our web visitors.

Should there be any major questions or significant changes requested by our care providers to the story you submit, we will use the contact information you provide to advise you prior to posting if significant alterations have been made.

3.  For What Reason Would You Not Post a Story to the Website?

We will not add stories to our website which are, from the perspective of our hospital’s leadership, deemed to be:

  • Offensive in to our web visitors. This would include items that are potentially:
    • Obscene or vulgar (or contain nudity)
    • Insulting or demeaning to any race, gender or creed 
    • Threatening or harassing
    • Libelous or slanderous to our hospital or to another organization
  • Advertisements
  • Shared without regard to our HIPAA Patient Privacy Policies