Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)

OTC supports CHLA’s intellectual property and inventions - from inception to market - to maximize their impact on patient health. 

OTC provides the following support: 

  • Manages the intellectual property and inventions created or discovered at CHLA through invention disclosures (e.g. record of invention) and copyright disclosures (e.g. record of copyright) provided to OTC; 
  • Interacts with industry and third parties and negotiates license agreements, option agreements, and equity agreements on behalf of CHLA; 
  • Engages legal counsel for legal protection of CHLA intellectual property and inventions;
  • Assists with the intellectual property terms in material transfer agreements, sponsored research agreements, and collaboration agreements; and 
  • Provides guidance to researchers and clinicians on the commercialization process of CHLA intellectual property and inventions from when to disclose to forming startups.