Startup Companies

Startup companies can play a pivotal role in commercializing early-stage inventions and intellectual property into commercial products for the public benefit. The following startup companies have incorporated inventions and intellectual property developed at CHLA.


A preclinical stage company developing Neuregulin-4 (NRG-4), a first-in-class oral therapy consisting of a naturally occurring peptide that functions to promote gut mucosal healing in patients suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), as well as the orphan neonate condition necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).


A clinical stage oncology company seeking to improve the lives of cancer patients by bringing to the marketplace unique therapeutics that target the ceramide pathway.

Hillhurst Biopharmaceuticals

A preclinical stage company focused on developing carbon monoxide-based therapeutics to improve care for patients with serious, inadequately treated medical conditions, including sickle cell disease and traumatic brain injury.

NanoValent Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

A preclinical stage oncology company developing a targeted drug delivery platform that uses polymerized liposomal nanoparticles that are highly robust, customizable, stable, cheap, and easy to manufacture.