Mouse Genome Core Laboratory

The mission of the Mouse Genome Core of the Saban Research Institute is to generate genetically modified rodent models for biomedical research. It provides several lines of high quality and rapid services utilizing the most advanced technologies and techniques.


  • Crispr/Cas9 mediated genome targeting in mouse embryo
  • Blastocyste Injection of ES-cells and embryo transfer
  • Plasmid and bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) transgenic

Equipment and Space

Building: Saban
Floor/Room: Basement, Room #B11

  • Eppendorf Femtojet
  • Eppendorf TransferMan
  • Olympus IX73
  • Sutter micropipette puller P1000
  • Sutter pipette grinder
  • Thermo tissue culture incubator
  • Leica dissecting microscope
  • Narashigi microfuge

Building: Saban
Floor/Room: 5th Floor, Room #544

  • Thermo tissue culture incubator
  • Thermo benchtop centrifuge
  • Thermo liquid nitrogen tanks
  • Thermo‐20 freezer
  • Leica upright microscope
  • BioRad GenePulser Electroporator