Mahato Laboratory

Our laboratory’s primary focus is on the following areas of vision research:

  • Development of novel regenerative cell-based therapies for ophthalmic neurodegenerative diseases, including glaucoma and optic nerve hypoplasia.
  • Molecular and functional analysis of photoreceptors (rod and cone) and retinal ganglion cells for their therapeutic application to cure retinal degeneration-associated blindness.
  • In vivo retinal regeneration from retinal glial cells.
  • Translation of clinically observed correlations into a mechanistic understanding of the physical and biological underpinnings of neurological disorders that affect both the retina and optic nerves.


  • The Glaucoma Research Foundation
  • Chemically reprogrammed retinal ganglion cell therapy to treat glaucomatous neuropathy. Supported by Glaucoma Research Foundation.
  • Chemically reprogrammed Muller cell derived retinal ganglion cells to study and treat optic nerve hypoplasia. Supported by Knights Templar Eye Foundation grant.