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Having volunteers participate in research studies and clinical trials is critical to our research efforts. Thousands of children and families are involved in our patient-centered studies every year. Many of the treatments used today are based on the results of past research studies and clinical trials conducted with our patients. Our scientific and clinical experts take the best ideas from the laboratory -- to the patient -- in the form of promising new treatments.

By searching our study directory, you may identify research that could impact the life of your child or of another child you know. Because the number of available research studies and clinical trials for children nationwide is small, every participant makes a significant contribution.

In addition to enrolling children with certain diseases in order to study treatments and prevention of those diseases, we also need to study healthy children. Ask your child’s doctor about volunteer study options that may be suitable for your child.

Please contact the study staff listed in your search results for more information.

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Study Details - ID: CHLA-17-00525
Health/Science/Disease Category:
Cerebral Palsy
Purpose of Research:
Investigates the relationship between walking and bone development
Short Name:
CP bone
Full Title of Study:
Bone deficits and mechanical loading in ambulatory cerebral palsy
Phase/Type of Study:
diagnoses of cerebral palsy, aged 6-50 years, no lower extremity or spine surgery within the past 2 years, no planned lower extremity/spine surgery
Time Commitment/Requirements:
3 visits, 1 year between each visit; each visit lasts ~4 hours
Primary Investigator:
Tishya Wren, PhD
Coordinator Contact Name:
Adriana Conrad-Forrest
Phone Number:
Clinical Trials .Gov Identifier: