Public Transit

Public Transit

By Bus

MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority)
Phone: 1-800-COMMUTE (800-286-6889)
MTA bus stops are located in front of the hospital. Call MTA or visit for schedules and fares.
Note: Passes and fares are available at a discount for individuals with disabilities. 

Phone: 800-231-2222
Direct Line to Los Angeles Terminal: 213-629-8401

The Los Angeles Terminal is located at:
1716 E. 7th St.
1 block east of Alameda 
One mile from Union Station in Downtown L.A. 
To reach Union Station, take the Red Line from the Metro Station across the street from the hospital at Vermont/Sunset.

By Train 

(Metro) Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Phone: 1-800-COMMUTE (800-286-6889)
The Metro Station's Red Line can be accessed across from the hospital at the Vermont and Sunset stop. From this line, you may access the rest of the Metro Subway network, and reach Union Station

Phone: 800-371-5465
​Metrolink reaches areas outside of Los Angeles County. Metrolink connects to the Red Line at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Call Metrolink for schedule & fare information.