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Hand and Microsurgery Program (Plastic Surgery)

The Hand and Microsurgery team under plastic surgery provides state-of the-art techniques for improving the form and function of the hand and upper limbs. In close coordination with our occupational therapy team, a treatment plan is tailored for each child and may include soft tissue, bone, and peripheral nerve reconstruction incorporating cutting-edge microsurgical techniques.


Hand and Upper Extremity Program (Orthopaedic)

Through therapy or surgery, the Hand and Upper Extremity team can improve the function and appearance of the hand and upper limbs. An individualized plan is created for each child that may involve microsurgery, peripheral nerve surgery and bone and soft tissue repair and reconstruction.


Handy Heroes Therapy Camp

Handy Heroes Therapy Camp is a fun, motivating, and therapeutic summer day camp program designed specifically for children with hemiparesis, a condition which often limits a child’s ability to use one side of the body due to lack of strength, coordination, and motor skills.


Head and Spinal Cord Trauma

Infants and children with extensive and head or spine trauma receive expert care in our hospital's Emergency Department and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Our neurosurgeons have considerable experience in providing surgical interventions for severely injured patients.


Headache Clinic

Our headache clinic provides evaluation and management chronic and migraine headaches. Newly referred patients are asked to keep at headache record for two to three months prior to their first appointment. 


Health Education Service (Hematology/Oncology)

The HOPE Health Education Service provides information and resources to patients, parents, and families dealing with cancer or blood diseases.  This includes free educational materials on cancer and blood diseases, access to websites with information on cancer and blood diseases, educational sessions for patients and families, and a Health Educator to answer questions and help with information searches.


Health Outcomes and Health Services Research

Researchers in our Community Health Outcomes and Interventional Research program examine the underlying causes of poor health outcomes and health disparities. 

Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences librarian, located in the Family Resource Center in the Anderson Pavilion, provides information and research support to our faculty and staff.


Hearing and Speech

Our audiologists specialize in hearing tests for children of all ages including infants and young adults. Our clinic provides patients and their families with leading-edge diagnostic and hearing evaluation options uniquely available at our hospital.


Heart Failure

The Heart Institute provides multidisciplinary care to children with severe heart failure of all causes. Our team uses a leading-edge mix of medical and surgical treatments, which are customized to the needs of every patient.


Heart Institute

The Heart Institute uses a leading-edge mix of medical and surgical treatments to cover the complete cardiac care spectrum in one spacious, all-inclusive location with the most practiced specialists around.

For physician referrals: 888-631-2452

Heart Transplant Program

The Heart Institute provides access to one of the foremost pediatric cardiothoracic teams in the world for children who require transplant care. Our team uses a leading-edge mix of medical and surgical treatments, which are customized to the needs of every patient.



CHLA has an internationally renowned team of medical professionals who use an interdisciplinary approach to treat children with blood disorders and who work continually to make advances in treating blood diseases.



We provide comprehensive and innovative clinical care for children with cancer through our Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases.


Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Physicians in the Blood and Marrow Transplant section of our Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases provide all aspects of pre- and post-transplant care for patients who require hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.



The team members of the Hematology and Coagulation Program are exclusively focused on genetic and acquired blood disorders. Team members have focused expertise in coagulation, thrombosis, hemoglobinopathies, white cell disorders, and bone marrow failure, and have substantial clinical experience in a number of very rare disorders.


Hemostasis & Thrombosis Center

The Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center is the largest coagulation center in the western United States caring for young patients with bleeding and clotting disorders. We serve as an international referral center for children with hemostasis and thrombosis disorders, providing excellent clinical care and research.


High-Risk Infant Follow-Up Clinic

The High-Risk Infant Follow-up Service provides assessment and follow-up care for infants at high risk due to conditions in the newborn period that required care in a neonatal intensive care unit. 


High-Risk Youth Program

The Homeless Adolescent & Young Adult Wellness Center provides free medical care, counseling and case management services for runaway and homeless youth between the ages of 12 and 24. Services are provided in our clinic as well as through a mobile health team, which provides basic medical screening at drop-in centers and shelters to maximize access to care.


Hip Disorders Program

The Hip Disorders Program in our Children’s Orthoapedic Center specializes in diagnosing and treating adolescent and young-adult hip pain, congenital hip disorders, developmental hip disorders and post-traumatic hip abnormalities.


HIV Prevention (Capacity Building Assistance)

Through our SYPP Center, we provide services that help strengthen community capacity to improve the health of adolescents and young adults—we support health inequities impacting youth such as teen pregnancy, substance use and community violence.


Home Mechanical Ventilation Program

The Home Mechanical Ventilation Program supports children who need breathing assistance. The program provides coordination between the program pulmonologist and nurse, family, home nurses, durable medical equipment providers, payers and primary care physicians. 


HOPE Behavioral Health, Neuropsychology and Education Service

The HOPE Behavioral Health, Neuropsychology and Education Service provides supportive services for patients diagnosed and treated in our Children's Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases.  Access to resources includes an on-site staffed resource center for patient and family education, a long-term follow-up clinic, a school transition and re-entry program as well as a special program for teens.


Hospital Medicine

The Division of Hospital Medicine provides general pediatric care for hospitalized patients with a diverse array of acute and chronic medical conditions. We coordinate care to meet the needs of patients while in the hospital, and prepare them for the transition home. When requested, we provide general pediatric consultation services for medical and surgical subspecialists.


Human Physiology and Imaging Research

The focus of the Children’s Health Imaging Research Program is to advance the use of imaging technology in the study of pediatric diseases in the laboratory and in clinical practice. We provide a specialized imaging core facility to develop biomarkers and outcome measures and study the biological and metabolic determinants of musculoskeletal development. 


Our pediatric neurosurgeons have extensive experience in all aspects of hydrocephalus. Patients are carefully evaluated for cerebral spinal fluid diversion, which is undertaken only if absolutely necessary. We also provide counseling for pregnant women who have been diagnosed in utero as having a fetus with hydrocephalus.