Program Information

Program Format

Meetings are held every other month on the second Saturday, from 9-11:30 a.m. on the campus of Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

There are separate discussion groups by family member role:

  • Children-Adolescent Group (10-15 years)
  • Adolescent-Young Adult Group (15-20 years)
  • Parent Group (English and Spanish speakers).

* Siblings older than 5 years of age are invited to participate in a supervised arts and crafts group during the meeting.

Sessions for 2014

Feb. 8, 2014
Getting to Know Each Other

April 12, 2014
Nutrition and Wellness
Guest Speaker

June 14, 2014
Talk to the Doc!

Aug. 9, 2014
Let's Get Moving
Guest Speakers

Oct. 11, 2014
You Are Not Alone!
Youth- and Young-Adult Panel

Dec. 13, 2014
End of Year Celebration

Our Location

Children's Hospital Los Angeles
4650 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Sessions are located in the Conference Center in the Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion (to the left of the information desk in the main lobby).


Please park in the hospital visitors' parking lot. Parking validations or bus tokens will be provided. 


“Even though I've been living with my lupus for 5 years, and have a lot of knowledge of my disease, this group taught me things that I could never learn on my own. While being a part of this group I also made new friends and we still to this day keep in touch and continue to support each other.”
Participant, Age 15

“I was glad I had people to talk to who had similar feelings. I would look forward to seeing how other people dealt with the same problems as me. The doctors talked about how we could have a normal life even though we had restrictions. That made me feel so much better.”
Participant, Age 11

“It changed my view on how I should look at lupus from now on. I shouldn’t let lupus take over my life.”
Participant, Age 16

“This program has helped me in many ways from personal experiences to just life in general.”
Participant, Age 17

“My daughter was very happy spending some time with her new friends, sharing her experiences made her feel good. She realized how much she had accomplished.”
Parent of participant, Age 15 

“Our need to have correct information and an outlet for our range of emotions was very high: that is where the Support Group at Children’s Hospital was a life-saver. The support group was exactly what we needed at a very uncertain time. The support group also gave our daughter a chance to meet other kids who had Lupus and made her feel like if others had made it, she could also.”
Parent of participant, Age 11