Investigator, Developmental Biology/Stem Cells/Tissue Engineering
Professor of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine of USC
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Clinical Interests

Wei Shi, MD, PhD, is interested in developing new therapies for preventing and treating neonatal respiratory distress.


Medical School: 

Zhejiang Medical University, China, 1984; University of Tennessee, Memphis, PhD, 1997


Zhang W, Menke DB, Jiang M, Chen H, Warburton D, Turcatel G, Lu CH, Xu W, Luo Y, Shi W. Spatial-temporal targeting of lung-specific mesenchyme by a Tbx4 enhancer. BMC Biol. 11(1):111, 2013.

Turcatel G, Rubin N, Menke DB, Martin G, Shi W, Warburton D. Lung mesenchymal expression of Sox9 plays a critical role in tracheal development. BMC Biol. 11:117, 2013.

Xu W, Liu C, Kaartinen V, Chen H, Lu CH, Zhang W, Luo Y, Shi W. TACE in perinatal mouse lung epithelial cells promotes lung saccular formation. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 305(12):L953-63, 2013.

Xu W, Lan Q, Chen M, Chen H, Zhu N, Zhou X, Wang J, Fan H, Yan C-S, Kuang J-L, Warburton D, Togbe D, Ryffel B, Zheng SG, Shi W. Adoptive transfer of induced-Treg cells effectively attenuates murine airway allergic inflammation. PLos ONE, 7:e40314, 2012.

Xu B, Chen H, Xu W, Zhang W, Buckley S, Zheng SG, Warburton D, Kolb M, Gauldie J, Shi W. Molecular mechanisms of MMP9 overexpression and its role in emphysema pathogenesis of Smad3-deficient mice. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol, 323:L89-96, 2012

Research Interests: 

Neonatal respiratory distress (RDS) is the leading cause of death among premature infants in the US, and even when cured, it often has lifelong complications.  Wei Shi, MD, PhD, of the Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine research program is studying the molecular mechanisms of lung development, injury repair, and regeneration; Growth factor signaling; Mesenchymal stem cells in lung development and pulmonary diseases. He is working to develop new therapies for preventing and treating neonatal respiratory distress that avoid these debilitating side effects.

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