Prepare for Your Visit

This page covers information you need to know before visiting the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute.

Arrive on Time

To prevent delay or cancellation of visits and procedures, it is very important that your child arrives on time for their appointments.

Things to Bring

To reduce potential delays and make the best use of your time during your visit, please take a few minutes to prepare:

  • Outpatient card (issued on the first visit)
  • Insurance or Medi-Cal card
  • Financial authorization (if obtained from the child’s primary physician or HMO)
  • Lab, X-ray results, and other medical information (if obtained at another facility)
  • Immunization card
  • All medicines your child is taking at home
  • A list of your questions

Lab Tests

If your child needs lab tests before their clinic visit, then please arrive at Anderson Lab 90 minutes BEFORE their appointment time.

Prevent Infection

Wear Your Mask

All family members and visitors must wash their hands before and after any patient or staff contact in the clinic or hospital. All patients who are receiving chemotherapy treatment must wear a green and white striped mask when traveling to and from the car to the clinic and at certain times when going off inpatient units.

Call First

If you or a family member is sick, call 323-361-4624 before you come.

Sick Family Members Should Stay Home

For the safety of all of our patients, we ask that sick family members NOT accompany or visit patients in the clinic or hospital