Patient (Current)

Nicole Anders

I thank God for Childrens Hospital because the doctors there have a good reputation for helping children. We are excited and can't wait to visit. My life will be at ease knowing my son is under your care.


Joseph Barron

 Thank You! I'm a cancer survivor!!!


Marisa De Genaro

 Christopher has celebrated 12 birthdays thanks to the doctors and staff here at CHLA.


David Valenzuela

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, we Thank You for making our dream come true.

David will have more surgeries in the future. And its ok, because he will be in good hands with Childrens Hospital. We miss your company 3 West!


Athena Medina

Her smiles and hopefulness of being a child, I believe, got her through this scary experience. Her follow-up scans showed the the mass was finally gone! Athena is 3 years old today and from that day on, she has been able to live her life as a normal child.

We are very thankful for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, for you have saved our daughters life.


Derek Limon


I just cant thank Dr. Krieger, Dr. McComb, Dr. Lawrence and the whole neurosurgery team enough for all they did for us!! Plus thank you to all of the awesome nurses at Childrens!!

All of nurses there are awesome . . . and good nurses are the key to recovery!!!


Addison Jura

My experience with Children’s Hospital, Dr. Skaggs, as well as with his complete staff, was one that was nothing but positive. 
I would recommend Dr. Skaggs to anyone that needs to see an orthopedic doctor.

Trust your child in the hands of a specialist.


Zachary Perry

Zachary could not handle life and he could not handle the many treatments that were working for other children with autism. He was dealing with something else, something that could quietly take him to a fragile and critical state destroying his body and our lives. We spent hours and hours in the hospital ER and various clinics taking every test doctors could think of, always getting mysterious confusing results. Something was wrong, he was suffering and in so much pain. He was just exhausted but unable to sleep. more...