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Published on March 19, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Today, 11 additional volunteers from our hospital departed for Haiti.  Team 1 is returning this Sunday with the exception of Dr. Jim Stein and Michael Jordan, RN (who provided our last report) who will remain at the hospital for an additional two days to help transition... Read More
Published on March 18, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Update provided by Michael Jordan, RN, pictured right On March 12, 2010, a team of 10 nurses and doctors departed Los Angeles for Haiti to volunteer much-needed medical assistance. Below is their first report after being deployed from our hospital in collaboration... Read More
Published on March 11, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg La'Renzo 's Story Why am I Having Seizures? By his mom, Nicole My son, La'Renzo, started having seizures on February 14, 2010. His seizures have been lasting five minutes and after his seizures, he sleeps for an hour or two. He has had a total of ten... Read More
Published on February 20, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg A recent Good Day LA interview featured Children's Hospital Los Angeles patient, Zach Grebey, as well as Head of Rheumatology, Dr. Andreas Reiff. During the interview, Zach talks about his battle with rheumatoid arthritis. The 8-year-old explains how he first knew something was... Read More
Published on February 2, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg We just celebrated our 100th surgery on January 14, 2010, using the Da Vinci® Surgical System, 18 months after our first procedure was performed! Meet our five surgeons trained to use our robotic system: From left to right: Chester Koh, MD, Andy Chang, MD, Cathy... Read More
Published on February 2, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Altering Love How Children's Hospital Los Angeles makes very ill children feel comfort and security in a time of need. By nurse "Sanz" I would like to share the most life-changing, profound experience of my life. It was encountered at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles... Read More
Published on January 29, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg A recent NPR article about rebuilding efforts in post-earthquake Haiti featured this photo slideshow that includes gripping images of Childrens Hospital Chief of Surgery, Dr. Henri Ford.   The photos play to audio from a Morning Edition radio... Read More
Published on January 22, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Update from Dr. Henri Ford (received January 21st, 6:51 p.m.) "It's been a tiring 24-36 hour period.  Our team has been trying to reach as many injured patients as possible from the surrounding community to coordinate more comprehensive health care: Urgent care... Read More
Published on January 20, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Update from Dr. Henri Ford, surgeon-in-chief at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (January 19, 2010): "The operating rooms are fully functional and we are seeing many infected wounds (many where gangrene has already set in).  We're also seeing a seemingly endless... Read More
Published on January 20, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg A Year of LIfe We Wouldn't Have Had By her father, Stewart Brown On January 11th, 2005, our daughter Ryane Paige Brown was born. My wife and older daughter were excited as we brought Ryane home from the hospital. Everything was going great until we noticed that Ryane... Read More
Published on January 19, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Update from Dr. Henri Ford (Monday, January 18th 9:18 p.m.): “Our team just moved to the Gheskio Clinic, which is closer to the epicenter of the earthquake.   Setting up the operating rooms tonight. Several cases lined up for the morning already. Many people (hundreds... Read More
Published on January 18, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Henri Ford, MD our surgeon-in-chief, is a Haitian native and arrived on scene in Port-Au-Prince on Saturday, January 16th to provide medical care. Currently he is stationed at the U.S. Embassy.  We're reprinting his first official report on his activities to... Read More
Published on January 14, 2010
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg David's Story By Jose Valenzuela, Proud Father  After seven years of trying, we have been blessed with three children - triplets. They where born at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital next door to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. We were preparing ... Read More
Published on December 18, 2009
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Zachary Wins Again By his mother, Jennifer Zachary could not handle life and he could not handle the many treatments that were working for other children with autism. He was dealing with something else, something that could quietly take him to a fragile and critical... Read More
Published on December 1, 2009
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Kidney Problems By her mother, Safie My daughter, Sally, is 9 years old.  She was suffering from urinary tract infections and kidney infections.  One day, my daughter had kidney failure and she was getting worse. She was at another hospital (but I... Read More
Published on November 23, 2009
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg My Little Sister by Sarah My little sister has Down Syndrome. She had open heart surgery at the children's hospital and they were the best. I had never been there but being there made me and my family realize how lucky we are to have these doctors and nurses that are... Read More
Published on October 14, 2009
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Guest post submitted by patient, Maggie Drysch “Age 7 was a big year for me. I started riding horses.   It was also the year that I spent my birthday being diagnosed with diabetes.   Riding Horses with Diabetes My riding keeps me really active. And sometimes,... Read More
Published on September 22, 2009
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Post submitted by patient mom, Nancy  Mario, Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome survivor and varsity lineman. Our celebration of Mario’s 17th birthday was not just about having ‘another birthday’ party for him. We were celebrating the fact that Mario... Read More
Published on August 18, 2009
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg A baby born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome By her mother, Xochil My baby Samantha was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. When she was born we had everything for her first open heart surgery. But there was a little problem. She was born premature and... Read More
Published on July 14, 2009
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Brian Melekian Shares His Story Brian Melekian is featured in our abc7 "Imagine" segment on Nautica Malibu Triathlon "When I was 13 years old, I started having the worst headaches you can imagine. I went into the hospital for an... Read More