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21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Contact: Brian Greene at 323-361-4823 Email: LOS ANGELES (December 5, 2011) – Fifty-two physicians from a variety of medical specialties at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles have been selected to the new Top Doctors List recently released for... Read More
sepsis.jpg You may have heard of sepsis or septic shock. You may know someone who has had it or you may have read about it in the news. You may have heard it called “blood poisoning,” or not heard of it at all. Ara Festekjian, MD, one of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ esteemed Emergency... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg San Gabriel Valley Publication Honors Physicians from 27 Specialty Areas and 26 Hospital Divisions Media Contact: Lorenzo Benet Office: (323) 361-4823 Email:    LOS ANGELES (July 2, 2013) – Pasadena... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is one of 13 Children’s Hospitals Nationwide to Earn Top Ranking and the only Los Angeles County Pediatric Medical Facility to Receive Prestigious Recognition for Providing Exceptional Patient Safety and Quality Services Media Contact... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Did you know that our skin is the largest organ of our bodies? It’s essential for protecting our internal organs, muscles and bones. It holds us together! Skin reflects who we are and it is the first impression of us upon others. For teenagers, this can be a painful and... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg   Helen Baker, third from right, was recently honored for her volunteer efforts on behalf of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and for being the hospital’s oldest living patient. Honoring... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg It’s that time again, flu season. Are you ready to beat the cold and flu season? This is the time of year that our Emergency Department braces itself to see lots of families with children battling seasonal illnesses. Many times, we see families where one child is sick one week,... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Funded by Cheryl and Haim Saban and Marion and John E. Anderson, Construction is Complete on New Bridge that Physically and Symbolically Links Hospital’s Research and Patient Care Facilities Media Contact: Lyndsay Hutchison Ph: 323.361.4121 lhutchison@chla.... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Patients Like Haven Forner Have Received Life-Changing Care From CHLA’s ECMO Program LOS ANGELES — The Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) has been honored for the third time with the prestigious Award for... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg As a baby, Amanda was treated for leukemia at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.  Now, at age seventeen, she's not only a survivor, but an abc7 Cool Kid as a result of her efforts to raise money for the hospital. Amanda, and her friend Angelica, presented a... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg I remember my first experience with head lice. I was working at a summer camp and on the first day I had to check for head lice on each of my campers. The camp nurse instructed each of us on what to look for, but I still felt unsure because I had never seen them. Since my days... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg MEDIA CONTACT:  Amanda Hedlund at 323-361-7691 Email:  From left to right: Jennifer Buchanan, RN & Kelli Anderson, RN... Read More
baby's eye development.jpg One of the most magical moments for parents, following the birth of their baby, is when their newborn opens their eyes for the first time. Making eye-to-eye contact with your baby is priceless! Many new parents wonder, “What exactly does my baby see?” Help Your Baby’s... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Heidi Klum, Pau Gasol and The Walt Disney Company Honored for their “Courage to Care”     (l-r back row) Jay Rasulo, The Walt Disney Company Sr. Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer; Heidi... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Thank you for supporting us in 2011! Last year was a defining year for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I would like to take a moment to celebrate with you, our supporters in our community, because what we have accomplished together is truly phenomenal. Award-winning Care... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg I still remember the awful taste of a thick, chalky, white medication that my pediatrician would routinely prescribe when I had strep throat as a child. Simply looking at the bottle of the banana-favored medication made me want to run and hide. Fortunately for my parents (and my... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Recently, the rate of childhood obesity has fallen, this Feb. 26 ABC News story has more details, yet weight is still an issue with many parents and kids. Many parents want to know, “How do you help your child if they are concerned about weight?” I reached out to two experts... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Cordova to become the organization’s first Latino health care executive to be named to the prestigious role Media Contact: Lorenzo Benet Office: 323-361-4823 Email: LOS ANGELES (December 19, 2013) The American College of... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg Every year, children die from preventable toy-related injuries. The majority of toy-related deaths continue to be choking on small toy parts, such as marbles, balloons and small balls. And as many are in the search for the perfect toy to gift this holiday season, Alan Nager, MD... Read More
21386-chla-placeholders_320x165_v2_0.jpg CONTACT: Steve Rutledge at (323) 361-4121 LOS ANGELES – Kevan Z. Craig, D.O., has been named medical director and head of the Division of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and assistant professor of pediatric physical medicine and... Read More