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Published on December 16, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Do-Dont-Caring-for-Cast-01.jpg Physician assistant Allison Tarrasch of CHLA’s Fracture Clinic explains how to keep that protective fiberglass shell from getting wet, causing skin eruptions, or driving your kid mad from itching. By Jeff Weinstock   Did you hear the one about the patient who slid a... Read More
Published on December 10, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Home-Remedies-Flu-01-1200x628.jpg By Cara Martinez The flu is notorious for nasty symptoms like a fever, sore throat, cough and runny nose. With a barrage of fatigue and piercing body aches, it’s no wonder parents look to home remedies like elderberry syrup to combat their child’s flu-related side effects... Read More
Published on December 6, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Prevent-Recognize-Blood-Clot-02.jpg Everything parents should know about spotting and preventing blood clots in children by Cara Martinez              Guy Young, MD When you hear the condition “blood clot,” your mind may not... Read More
Published on December 6, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-2019-Fall-02-Legacy-Castellar-01.jpg [slideshow_field:embed]By Katie Sweeney and Marla Lehner   The Anderson Stewart Family Foundation’s recent $50 million gift continues a three-decade history of giving, helping to cement CHLA’s position as a leader in pediatric health care. During her life,... Read More
Published on December 5, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-2019-Fall-03-Benefits-Lex-01.jpg By Jeff Weinstock   Every patient who visits Children’s Hospital Los Angeles benefits from generous philanthropists like the Anderson Stewart Family Foundation. Their contributions support the hospital’s leading-edge care. Learn more about five incredible patients and... Read More
Published on December 4, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Motion-Sickness-02-1200x628.jpg What You Need to Know About Motion Sickness The sensation of feeling queasy in a car, plane or boat is caused by a chemical imbalance between the sensors of the inner ear and the rest of the body. More specifically, the ear senses motion but the eyes and muscles do not. This... Read More
Published on December 4, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-2019-Fall-01-Three-02.jpg [slideshow_field:embed] By Jeff Weinstock   The trio of trustees behind the John Stauffer Charitable Trust continues the charity’s 40-plus years of support for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In the very conference room where they regularly meet to pore over... Read More
Published on December 3, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-2019-Fall-04-Portos-02.jpg [slideshow_field:embed] By Eunice Oh   The beloved local eatery has been supporting Children’s L.A. and sharing its sweet treats with patients and families for more than 40 years. Each time Betty Porto attends an event at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, she... Read More
Published on December 2, 2019
GoldOrnament-BlueBand-Thumb.jpg On December 3, KOST 103.5 FM and KTLA will broadcast live from the hospital to generate support for CHLA’s year-end fundraising campaign Los Angeles’ number one morning shows for radio and television – iHeartMedia Los Angeles’ KOST 103.5 FM’s The Ellen K Morning Show,... Read More
Published on December 2, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-2019-Fall-05-BestUncle-01.jpg [slideshow_field:embed] By Marla Lehner   In thanks for his nephew’s life-changing care, JP LeVeque raised an impressive $115,000 to support CHLA—and all he had to do was run the L.A. Marathon. Early on the morning of March 24, 2019, JP LeVeque sprinted through... Read More
Published on December 1, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-2019-Fall-06-FathersGift-01.jpg [slideshow_field:embed] By Eunice Oh Even before his twins were treated at Children’s Hospital, Eszylfie Taylor wanted to make a difference—a commitment he’s now solidified through a planned gift. For Eszylfie Taylor, it was never a matter of if he would support... Read More
Published on November 30, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-Fall-2019-Donation-Spotlight-01.jpg Anonymous $25 million donation supports Neurological Institute and Interventional Radiology In 2019, an anonymous donor made a $25 million gift to expand the Neurological Institute and increase the hospital’s capacity in interventional radiology (IR). This transformative gift... Read More
Published on November 29, 2019
CHLA-Imagine-2019-Fall-07-Happenings8-Nautica-08-thumb.jpg Throughout the year, philanthropists, community leaders, corporate sponsors, and grateful friends and families come together to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The enthusiasm and generosity of our supporters inspire everything we do and ensure the hospital’s ability to... Read More
Published on November 27, 2019
CHLA-Kairi-782x391-01.jpg What’s the first thing Kairi did after getting her new liver and kidney? Eat chocolate, of course. And then go swimming. And then start on everything else her revived body had been denied for so long. By Jeff Weinstock   There are three-hanky stories, and then there... Read More
Published on November 26, 2019
CHLA-Like-Music-Rio-Hero-782x391-01.jpg By Jeff Weinstock   It wasn’t the standard goo-goo ga-ga or ma-ma da-da, but to his parents the strained, gravelly hehhh that Rio produced inside a patient room at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was operatic. Patrick and Holly had not heard Rio’s voice for... Read More
Published on November 14, 2019
CHLA-Livie-01.jpg Thanks to a groundbreaking treatment, children who once faced inevitable blindness now have a chance to regain—and retain—their sight. By Eunice Oh Like many 7-year-olds, Olivia is a burst of energy. She loves riding her bicycle, ice skating, traversing obstacle courses,... Read More
Published on November 13, 2019
189042545072_0.jpg Scientists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles discover a mechanism that zebrafish use to regenerate damaged heart tissue. This research could lead to better treatments for babies in need of heart repair.Cardiac lymphatic vessels (seen here in red) in the zebrafish heart help the... Read More
Published on November 12, 2019
MHarrison Researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles discover a mechanism of cardiac regeneration in the zebrafish that could change the field of heart research One of the reasons coronary heart disease is so deadly is that fluid build-up and scarring can develop in the heart... Read More
Published on November 6, 2019
CHLA-Sandy-Himmelrich-2000x800.jpg Sandy Himmelrich, LCSW ‘This Is a Calling’ Sandy Himmelrich, LCSW, has devoted 25 years to helping and protecting the most vulnerable among us: children who have been abused. By Katie Sweeney   Growing up, Sandy Himmelrich, LCSW, had a penchant for finding... Read More
Published on November 4, 2019
160A0154.jpg Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Investigator researches a novel way to biopsy an aggressive childhood cancer Retinoblastoma is a cancer that forms in the light-detecting cells in the back of the eye. It often appears in children under two years of age and can lead to... Read More