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Published on September 9, 2019
CHLA-In-His-Blood-782x439.jpg Hemophilia hasn’t slowed down 3-year-old Braxton—thanks to doctors from CHLA By Matt Villano Roughly 20,000 people in the United States live with hemophilia, a bleeding disorder in which blood lacks the requisite protein to clot normally. Few have lived with the condition... Read More
Published on August 29, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Quinn-782x439.jpg By Sara Nafie To countless families, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a home away from home. That is certainly the case for Quinn, born Dec. 4, 2018, and her parents, Quinshae and Keith. Soon they hope to take their daughter home to Riverside, but for now, CHLA is the only... Read More
Published on August 23, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Oliver-Sleeping.jpg Two doctors' research into an obscure field changed this 3-year-old’s life by Michael Y. Park  It was obvious there was a problem as soon as Oliver was born.  Oliver’s birth in 2015 was already complicated—he was in a breech position and had to be... Read More
Published on August 22, 2019
CHLA-Blog-ChildLife.png Child Life services are an integral part of the family-friendly health care provided at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Whether a child is hospitalized for many weeks or just one day, the comforting presence of a Child Life staff member can make all the difference between... Read More
Published on August 16, 2019
CHLA-Blog-ConsentinoBaby3.jpg In the concluding half of this two-part story, a CHLA family learns whether their home survived the Woolsey fire, baby Max’s cleft lip is repaired, and Max’s mother tries to sort through the aftereffects of 10 days of trauma. (Read Part 1.) By Jeff Weinstock Lauren’s... Read More
Published on August 14, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Max-and-Mom.jpg In this special two-part story, a CHLA family endures an extraordinary 10-day odyssey, confronting consecutive human tragedies—the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting and the Woolsey fire—while their premature newborn remains in intensive care and awaits surgery for a cleft lip... Read More
Published on August 13, 2019
Glomerulus in vitro Scientists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles develop first physiologically-accurate in vitro model of the human kidney glomerulus, representing a milestone in the field of kidney disease research. Kidneys work to constantly filter blood and remove toxins from the body.... Read More
Published on August 13, 2019
Ear-fluid 1.jpg By Melanie Fruhner, AuD, FAAA Middle ear fluid versus an ear infection: What’s the difference? Middle ear fluid (also known as otitis media with effusion) is the presence of fluid in the middle ear without signs or symptoms of an ear infection. Ear fluid occurs in the... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-Blog-BacktoSchool-Top10.jpg Back to school is here and the summer season is winding down. A big part of a successful first week of school is preparation and establishing a routine. We're sharing with you the top 10 blog posts for back-to-school planning and awareness from the experts at Children's Hospital... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-Blog-Concussion-Football.jpg By Tracy Zaslow, MD, director of the Sports Concussion Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and medical director of the hospital’s Children's Orthopaedic Center Sports Medicine Program.I meet with parents often in the Sports Concussion Clinic at Children's Hospital... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-BacktoSchool-Parent.jpg Sharpened pencils: check; notebooks and paper: check; school schedule: check. As a parent, this check list may seem familiar to you. It is a clear indication that back-to-school season is here and that means preparing your child for the school year as best as you can. ... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-BacktoSchool-Backpacks-Group.jpg By Tracy Zaslow, MD, Medical Director, Children’s Orthopaedic Center (COC) Sports Medicine and Concussion Programs.School has begun, leaves are changing (even in Southern California), and that means its “WalkTober”—time to get walking! October signals the call to parents,... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
chla-pedestrian-safety-injury-prevention.jpg Written by Kohl's Safety and Injury Prevent Program While drivers must obey traffic lights and be alert of people on the road, pedestrians too must be just as cautious – to always walk safely and remain visible. However, some things are out of our control as pedestrians... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-Blog-BacktoSchool-ASDfamily.jpg Written by Kathryn Smith, DrPH, RN, nurse care manager in the Boone Fetter Clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in collaboration with members of the Autism Parent Advisory Board.Back to school is just around the corner and this time of year can be both exciting and... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-BacktoSchool-KidsGroup.jpg Have you ever tried to lift your child’s backpack? If not, you are probably in for a pretty startling surprise. Do you remember your backpack always being insanely heavy as a kid, to the extent that it would hurt your back, shoulders and neck? Did you know that the... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-BacktoSchool-Bus.jpg Do you remember riding the school bus as a kid? Most children enjoy riding the bus to school because it meant being with their friends, having extra time to finish their homework and a sense of independence. Back then, "seat hopping” allowed kids to get closer to... Read More
Published on August 9, 2019
CHLA-BacktoSchool-Nutrition.jpg It’s almost fall and the new school year is here! It’s time to trade in the beach and lazy days for new pencils, early mornings and the classroom. The transition between summer break and school is not easy. To figure out how best to smooth out this transition, we asked three... Read More
Published on July 31, 2019
Children's Hospital Los Angeles Anderson Pavilion Extraordinary gift to help hospital meet the pediatric healthcare needs of ever-growing patient population LOS ANGELES — On Wednesday, Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) announced that the Anderson Stewart Family Foundation has made a $50 million gift to the institution,... Read More
Published on July 22, 2019
Frey Intestine.jpg Chemotherapy and radiation target cancer cells but these treatments produce unwanted side effects on healthy tissue. The intestines are particularly sensitive to this toxicity. A better understanding of how intestinal tissue repairs itself in response to injury could help... Read More
Published on July 17, 2019
Children's Hospital Los Angeles Anderson Pavilion LOS ANGELES — While wishing to remain anonymous, a generous donor has provided $25 million to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to support the expansion of the CHLA Neurological Institute and the hospital's capacity in Interventional Radiology... Read More