Winter 2018


  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - Gone Fishing: Lorraine Devine-Cruz Unwinds With Rod and Reel
  • Nurses in Action - ‘In a Heartbeat’: Jumping Into Action After Hurricane Harvey
  • From Reindogs to Red Pajamas: Nurses help bring comfort and cheer during the holidays at CHLA
  • A Conversation With... - John Hulse, RN, Emergency Department and Trauma Center
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession - Nancy Lee, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Preparing for the Worst
  • Bedside’s Best - Relationships Are Key to Longevity

Fall 2017


  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - Adventurer Dives Deep to Escape
  • Nurses in Action - Cereal Drive Collects 81,000 Servings for Local Kids
  • It’s a Marathon: Four nurses halfway to earning their doctorates represent a growing trend in nursing
  • A Conversation With... - Julie Hines, RN, PACU
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession - Nancy Lee, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer
  • Children's Hospital Originals - A Bridge to Adult Health Care
  • Bedside’s Best - As a Patient, She Found Her Calling

Spring 2017


  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - Beauty’s Never Skin Deep
  • Nurses in Action - 6W’s Tamara Sibala Survives Dengue Fever to Run Again
  • Enhancing Mindfulness on the Job
  • A Conversation With... - Fran Blayney, RN, Clinical Educator
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession - Nancy Lee, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Making Families Central to the Conversation
  • Bedside’s Best - DeRynn Thompson Embraces Change in Her Nursing Practice

Winter 2017


  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - NICCU Nurse by Night, Award-Winning Author by Day
  • Nurses in Action - Friendship, Fitness and Community
  • A Different Way of Caring: Nurses across CHLA are expanding the definition of nursing as they take on atypical jobs.
  • A Conversation With... - Bobby Hett, BSN, RN, Unit Lead NICCU
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession - Nancy Lee, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Transforming Lives for Transgender Youth
  • Bedside’s Best - Pain, Pain, Go Away

Fall 2016

  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - Hitting the Streets for Total Health
  • Nurses in Action - Taking Emergency Training Beyond CHLA
  • A Passion for Transforming Lives Around the Globe
  • A Conversation With... - Margaux Chan, RN, BSN (Magnet Program Manager)
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Celebrating a 40-Year Legacy
  • Bedside's Best - Sheila Kun: Explorer at Heart

Spring 2016

  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - A Knack for Facts Leads to "Jeopardy!"
  • Nurses in Action - Marilyn Mills: Using Her Culinary Skills for Good
  • On the Move - Embracing the Call to Fitness With a Sense of Play and Purpose
  • A Conversation With... - Debbie Jury, NP (Pain Service)
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Longtime Bonds Help Nurses Advance Their Education
  • Bedside's Best - Serving the NICCU With Heart and Soul

Winter 2016

  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - Jump for Joy - Besty Bohuslavsky Skates With Confidence
  • Nurses in Action - CTICU Bonding, Survivor-Style
  • Sharing Knowledge, Touching Lives Around the World
  • Paul Viviano's Commitment to Nursing Research
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession
  • Children's Hospitals Originals - 6 West Doubles the Mentoring
  • Bedside's Best - Schedule Mastermind Arlene Deseo Keeps MDA Neuromuscular Clinic Running Smoothly

Summer 2015

  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - Nurse Trains Canine Companions
  • Volunteers in Action - Nurses in Full Force at Special Olympics World Games
  • Think Before You Eat - Nurses are practicing mindful eating as part of their own personal wellness plans
  • Nurses Train With New Robot
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Voice of the Profession
  • Children's Hospital Originals - The Rehab Unit's New Home Matches Its Exceptional Care
  • Bedside's Best - Compassionate Care for Brain and Spinal Cord Patients

Spring 2015

  • Extra - The Ski Diva Builds Diversity and Safety
  • Bringing Lifesaving Lessons to Middle Schools
  • ‘Groundbreaking’ Institute Puts Spotlight on Nurses
  • Nurses Helping Nurses
  • Flerida Imperial-Perez Keeps Her Eye on Safety

Winter 2014

  • Extra - Lives Outside the Hospital
  • Volunteers in Action - Ocean ER: On the Frontlines of a Shark Attack
  • Double Take - For Parents of Multiples, Seeing Two Beating Hearts on the Ultrasound Is Just the Start of a Great Adventure
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Versant RN Residency Going Strong After 15 Years 

Summer 2014

  • Extra - From Couch Hugger to Competitive Swimmer
  • Volunteers in Action - Marisa Messer Finds Her Heart in Vietnam
  • Children's Hospital Originals - No-Risk Simulation Training
  • Bedside's Best - Former Patient's Mother Turned Nurse 

Spring 2014

  • Extra - An Escape to the Circus
  • Volunteers in Action - Healing Smiles Around the Globe
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Building Future Leaders
  • Bedside's Best - 5 East Nurses Lead Hospital's SAFE Sleep Efforts 

Winter 2013

  • Extra: Lives Outside the Hospital - Nurse DJ at Work
  • Volunteers in Action - Strong Advocate for Education
  • Children's Hospital Originals - Beads of Courage: The Color of Resilience
  • Bedside's Best - UCLA Partnership Focuses on Nursing Research 

Spring 2013

  • Extra-CHLA: Lives Outside the Hospital
  • Volunteers in Action
  • Healing Vulnerable Children with Care, Compassion
  • Getting to Know CV Acute
  • Voice of the Profession
  • Bedside's Best: Magnet Trio Celebrates Hospital-wide Honor 

Summer 2012

FloSheet Spring 2012

  • Extra-CHLA: Lives Outside the Hospital: A Taste of Billboard Fame
  • Volunteers in Action: Planting the Seeds of Hope
  • Inside the Anderson Pavillion: Nurses Adjust to New, Larger Environment While Providing State-of-the-Art Patient Care
  • Bedside's Best: Code Urgent: Improving Emergency Outcomes for Kids
  • CHLA Originals: Huddle Up 

Spring 2012

FloSheet Spring 2012

  • Extra-CHLA: Lives Outside the Hospital: A Taste of Billboard Fame
  • Volunteers in Action: Planting the Seeds of Hope
  • Inside the Anderson Pavillion: Nurses Adjust to New, Larger Environment While Providing State-of-the-Art Patient Care
  • Bedside's Best: Infection Control Detective
  • CHLA Originals: Huddle Up 

Winter 2011  

  • Extra-CHLA: Casting Call - RN on the Set
  • Volunteers in Action: Planting the Seeds of Hope
  • Nurses Adjust to New, Larger Environment
  • Bedside's Best: Infection Control Detective
  • CHLA Originals: Huddle Up 

Summer 2011


  • Extra-CHLA: Taking Marathons to the Next Level
  • Volunteers in Action: Making Dreams Come True for Campers
  • As Patients Nurses See the World Through New Eyes
  • Bedside's Best: Preparing for the Move to the Anderson Pavillion 
  • CHLA Originals: Reducing Medication Errors 

Spring 2011


  • Extra-CHLA: On the Fast Track 
  • Volunteers in Action: A World of Caring 
  • Nurse Practitioners Create a Bridge Between Physicians and Nurses
  • Bedside's Best: Leader, Mentor, Researcher 
  • CHLA Originals: RN Bloggers Create Dynamic Community Education Forum 

Winter 2010


  • Extra-CHLA: Feeling the Salsa Energy
  • Volunteers in Action: BMT Nurse Rides the Trail
  • You Can Go Home Again 
  • Bedside's Best: Creating a Smooth Transition for Patients Going Home
  • CHLA Originals: Diverse Work, Camaraderie Keep ED Nurses Up at Night  

Spring 2010  

  • Extra-CHLA: Lives Outside the Hospital
  • NICCU Nurse Guides Float in Tournament of Roses
  • Volunteers in Action: CHLA Nurses Provide Aid in Haiti
  • "DR. RN" - On the Track of the Ultimate Academic Degree
  • Bedside's Best: It's Official: PICU is Among the Best
  • CHLA Originals: Bringing Art Therapy to Patients 

Fall 2009  

  • Extra-CHLA: Diane Grade, RN, and her daughter help young people learn horse handling skills through participation in the California Rangers. 
  • Volunteers in Action: Nurses run, bike and swim for research
  • Air Traffic Controllers Keep CHLA Running
  • Each of our ten house supervisors are responsible for handling the traffic of patients in our hospital.
  • Bedside's Best: Kathryn Smith, RN, MN, manages the Autism Warm Line in the Boone Fetter Clinic. 
  • CHLA Originals: The Perfect Tag-Team
    New Magnet Program co-managers, Margaux Chan, RN, BSN and Susan Crandall, RN, BSN work out a job-sharing partnership so that they can remain involved in patient care. 

Summer 2009

  • Extra-CHLA: Peggy Hoyt, RN, BSN, MHA, is putting her love for quilt making to work for the New Hospital's Building's Neonatal and Infant Critical Care Unit. 
  • Volunteers in Action: Susan Cline, RNC, MSN, MBA hosted Maka Chawoneka from Harere Zimbabwe while she received care from our Division of Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgery.
  • Making the Pain Go Away: Nurses, Deborah Jury, RN and Meghan Middleton, RN use a variety of ways to treat pain in children.
  • Getting Strength from Her Patients: Irene Ramos Klecha, RN, MSN, sometimes has to bear the most difficult news to expectant mothers.
  • Sharing a Commitment to Help Others: Three nurses form the PICU's Social Morale Committee help the hospital's High-Risk Youth Program.
  • Noche de Niños Honors Our Veteran Nurses
  • Nurse Week Celebration Recap 

Spring 2009

  • Extra-CHLA: Joan Clark, RN, is a nurse and an officer, providing care on our  Newborn and Infant Critical Care Unit and serving as a Reserve Officer of the Navy
  • Volunteers in Action: Denise Henry, RN, MSN, is the hospital's "Queen of CPR"
  • Balance: Nurses Share How They Balance Work and Family
  • Bedside's Best: Neuro-oncology Nurse, Barbara Britt, Finds a Cure in Caring
  • CHLA Originals: RN Residency Program  Celebrates 10 Years and Graduates a New Fellow 

Fall 2008

  • CHLA Extra: Bonnie Brennan, RN, BSN, a nurse with a passion for acting
  • Volunteers in Action: Marion Antoku, RN is the force behind the DAISY Award
  • A World Perspective: Our nurses' multicultural background helps families heal in comfort
  • Bedside's Best: Educating Emergency Department Nurses
  • Bridge to Nursing Program
  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles nurses participate in Nautica Malibu Triathlon to raise funds for pediatric cancer research at our hospital. 

Summer 2008

  • 6 West nurses star in television commercial for Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion
  • Volunteers in Action: 5 East Nurses - Raising Money and Awareness for Cystic Fibrosis
  • Learning the CHLA Way: Student Nurses Gain Invaluable Experience During Their Pediatric Rotation
  • Bedside's Best: Playing to an Audience, One Kid at a Time
  • CHLA Originals: Guardians in the Operating Room
  • Recognition of Compassion and Dedication
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • In Celebration and Gratitude: Patient's Perspectives J&J Gala, and Nurse Essay Contest winners 

Spring 2008

  • Extra-CHLA: Nurses of 5 East and  Neonatal and Infant Critical Care Unit  create second cookbook
  • Volunteers in Action: Suzanne Taylor and Lisa Hatter call their experience providing care in Africa "life-changing"
  • It's All Relative: Family members enjoy each other's company on and off the job
  • Bedside's Best: Profile of Neonatal and Infant Critical Care Unit  nurse 
  • Voice of the Profession: Message from Chief of Nursing
  • CHLA Originals: Director of Family-Centered Care
  • FloSheet Chronicles
  • Announcement of  Magnet Recognition for hospital's nurses 

Fall 2007

  • Focus on physical fitness
  • Renal Teen Prom
  • Hospital passes major Magnet Milestone
  • Nurse develops support group for tracheostomy patients and families
  • Nursing Excellence award received by hospital employee
  • Spotlight on two-decade nursing veteran
  • Nurse wins Telly Award
  • Nurse referral program 

Summer 2007

  • Combining a career in nursing with a career in spiritual care for others
  • "Love through the Lens" - photography of our nurses caring for children
  • Nurses bond with patients
  • Education for patients with diabetes
  • Making the move "west" to work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  • Nurses Week festivities 

Spring 2007

  • Nurse attends traveling seminar in China
  • Educating the community about HIV/AIDS
  • Providing scoliosis screenings
  • Teen drinking and driving awareness
  • Sickle-cell educators
  • Wound management expert
  • Training nurses to work with children with developmental disabilities 

Fall 2006

  • Singing from the heart
  • Volunteer for Project Angel Food
  • Caregivers instrumental in separation of conjoined twins
  • Highest Hematology/Oncology nurse ranking claimed by one of our own
  • CAMP CHLA - Nursing field exposure for high school students
  • First annual Hospital Hero Award 

Summer 2006

  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit book club
  • Nurse joins medical mission in Amazon
  • Nurses presenting nationally
  • Nurse returns to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after 12-year absence
  • Nurse adopts "medically fragile" children
  • Celebrating Nurse Week 

Spring 2006

  • Preparing future caregivers
  • Volunteering for Huntington Gardens
  • Magnet Recognition program preparation becomes journey of enlightenment
  • Leader in congenital heart disease
  • Reconstructing dreams, supportive organization for children with cleft lip palate and other facial deformities
  • Fifth Annual Nurse essay contest
  • Sharing professional insights on the radio 

Fall 2005

  • Country dancing helps nurse recuperate from a bicycling accident
  • Providing care for Katrina victims
  • Planning for disaster
  • Decreasing bloodstream infections
  • Working on clinical trials for CLOLAR to help leukemia / lymphoma patients
  • Nurses recognized for excellence 

Summer 2005

  • Mastering sign language
  • Volunteering for Children's Day in Little Tokyo
  • Star selected for LA Nurses , unscripted documentary following lives of nurses
  • Spotlight on CTICU role model
  • Focus on two-decade veteran of the CNICC
  • Lending program makes home ownership a reality for nurses 

Spring 2005

  • Caregiver makes African trek
  • Retreats remedy caregiver fatigue
  • RN Residency in Pediatrics sustains new nurses
  • Teaching patients about advocacy
  • Nurse cares for fellow passengers after Metro commuter train accident
  • First-ever grants made to new nurse recruits 

Fall 2004

  • Mountain biking for fitness
  • Nurses collaborate to restart nursing school
  • Patient safety first with new KIDS data system
  • CTICU honored for exemplary patient safety improvements
  • Operating room caregivers perform surgeries for children in Vietnam
  • Professional ladder for nurses
  • DAISY Foundation 

Summer 2004

  • Scrapbooking as a tonic
  • Telemedicine program serves are PICUs
  • Garden reveals first view of the New Hospital Building
  • Caregiver is portrait in humanism
  • Nurse essay contest winners
  • Grass roots injury prevention
  • National magazine spotlight on our caregivers in hematology-oncology 

Spring 2004

  • Nurse adapts to adopting
  • Rental Teen Prom
  • Focus on neonatal nursing
  • Jack-of-all-Trades caregiver
  • Donating hair to the Locks of Love program to benefit cancer patients
  • Benefits for nurses
  • Hospital launches nationwide nurse recruitment program 

Fall 2003

  • Painting - hobby that brings serenity
  • Pain management services benefits from nursing staff
  • Focus on pediatric nurse practitioners
  • Spotlight on 33-year veteran nurse
  • Hillary Clinton gives keynote address for opening of The Saban Research Institute
  • Providing care at diabetes camp 

Summer 2003

  • Passion for the culinary arts helps destress
  • Good patient care begins at home
  • Elite ECMO nursing core leads the field
  • A patient of the hospital becomes a nurse
  • Bone marrow transplant coordinator volunteers throughout the world
  • Nurses awarded top honors for nursing excellence during Nurses Week 

Spring 2003

  • Nurse gives vocal performances
  • CHLA graduates 7th class of RN Residents
  • Anne Wilson Endowment for Nursing Excellence
  • Nurse essay contest
  • Focus on Orthopaedic Nurse
  • In service in Sinaloa
  • Nurse Benefits
  • Market adjustments made for nursing salaries