FACS Core Biosafety

Fluorescence Activitated Cell Sorting Core Biosafety  

Cell sorting of viable cells is available. Investigators will be questioned as to the Biosafety Level under which they process their cells. Running viable cells through a flow cytometer, especially a cell sorter, increases the Biosafety Level (BSL) rating by one (1) point. The Biosafety Committee of the International Society of Analytical Cytometry (ISAC) has published guidelines for live cell sorting (Schmid et al. Cytometry 28, 1997). Revised guidelines have been recently published (Schmid et al. Cytometry Part A 71A:414-437, 2007).

These guidelines provide a means for the operator to ensure aerosol containment of the cytometer. Therefore, this laboratory cannot run the following types of samples: non-human primate studies or cells infected with airborne viral agents. Many assays involve reagents with mutagenic or carcinogenic properties.

For your safety:

  • Please wear your lab coat and gloves at all times when using the analyzers.
  • Decontaminate the work area with 10 percent bleach.
  • Prior to red bag disposal, decontaminate all tubes with 10 percent bleach for 30 minutes.
  • Dispose of all tubes or items contaminated by sample solutions in the red-bagged waste.
  • All gloves are to be discarded into red-bagged trash, prior to leaving the lab.
  • Doors are labeled "No Gloves," therefore, no part of the door can be touched with gloved hands.
  • The phones labeled with “Gloved use only” are unsafe to use without wearing gloves.
  • All work at the cytometers, including the computer and phone, is to be gloved work.