Experimental Design Recommendations

The core personnel request that all investigators plan to discuss the experimental design of your flow assay with them prior to processing and bring with them a typed copy of the experimental protocol (required in case of sorter use; optional but encouraged in case of Trained User–Analyzer use).

For each new experiment, a discussion of appropriate controls, antibody fluorochrome combinations, etc. is necessary for the production of valuable data.

Multicolor Flow Cytometry Assays require several assay controls (unlabeled, single-colored compensation tubes, Fluorescence minus one) in order to prepare the instrument for data collection/sorting. Investigators are expected to prepare these controls and bring with each experiment.

Please contact the Director to schedule a meeting to discuss your experimental design. You will not be billed, except in rare cases when both parties agree ahead of time that multiple hours of in-depth consultation are required.

The sort operators request that the investigators bring a detailed, typed protocol describing the tubes that are to be run, with each and every experiment. If expression patterns are known, please include printouts demonstrating expected sort gates, or sketches of such flow cytometry plots. This documentation will be used as a guide for proper labeling as well as sample sort gates.